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EveningShade - Impulses | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
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Atlanta-based electronic composer James Pinkstone aka EveningShade and his new EP Impulses instantly evokes the horror and sci-fi vibes of ’80s movie music. And its enigmatic title certainly is befitting, as the record does feel like the sinister rising of a spontaneous inner force.

“The Woods” and its melodic intensity are highly reminiscent of The Exorcist’s music theme, but with a generous dash of EveningShade’s signature sci-fi electro-trance vibe.

“There She Was” is certainly the most mellow piece on the album, with a very unusual and elusive sci-fi air to it that still feels somewhat familiar, perhaps nostalgic even. The song sounds like one of those film moments when a major discovery or a cathartic epiphany causes everything to fall into place and make cosmic sense.

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“Making Love to Sarah Conor” is the heaviest on electronic sounds and hooks and sends you on a trip throughout space to who knows where. Perhaps to Sarah Conor’s arms, wherever and whatever she might be.

“Passing in The Dark” certainly has a more straightforward connection to its title. The track is arguably the most sinister, again with a palpable dash of the Exorcist’s melodic eeriness that drips from every tone of the piano keys. Again, the sci-fi vibe masterfully creeps in to wrap the piece in another dimension of creepiness.

Overall, Impulses is a strong record that could provide a rich musical backdrop for haunting horror and sci-fi films.

Electronic composer James Pinkstone aka EveningShade and his new EP 'Impulses' instantly evokes the horror and sci-fi vibes of the '80s movie music.

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