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East Forest – “Cairn” Reaction

East Forest - "Cairn" | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
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“Cairn’s” intro gives goosebumps. Grumbling synths touch at the spine and traverse the synapses. A frustratingly enjoyable experience. It’s a song inspired by contemplation – carrying the weight of an unanswered question to listeners’ ears.

The arrangement of elements in Cairn is masterful and thoughtful. Nothing overwhelms. Everything comes together harmoniously. A cairn being an anchor for meditation, the meditative qualities of the subject matter bleed through in this track.

The vocals seem mostly to accompany the lush tone of the track. Like guided meditation, they’re audible and clear, yet mere whispers on a stack of sounds. Electric stabs pulsate from all directions – piercing dreamy chimes and foggy key-falls like sonic needles laced with thread.

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A cairn being an anchor for meditation, the meditative qualities of the subject matter bleed through in this track.

Cairn flows like a glistening river over clicking stones. It’s bright, warm and electric. Strange how mellow it manages to feel.

East Forest drifts into quintessentially virtual sounds as each chorus comes in. Beneath it all, a delayed break-beat gently forms a foundation. Overall, the sound of “Cairn” is as euphoric as it is deep and nuanced to the core.

Though less heavy-hitting, this track is similar in feel to Digitalism’s “Shangri La.” Uplifting, enlightening and decidedly electronic… It’s as close to genuine introspection as a song can take you.

The piano outro seals the deal with smooth subtlety. I can’t really imagine what could be added to this one. It’s nice the way it is. What are your thoughts?

East Forest floods the senses in "Cairn" - soothing the heart and challenging the mind, building on its meditative theme with admirable sophistication. Sweet song all the way.

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