The tragic death of XXXTENTACION, ‘Nasir’, and Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s ‘Everything Is Love’

We’re back and talking about the tragic news of XXXTENTACION’s death at the young of 20 and the need for a mentality change in the culture and community at large. Then we touch on Nas’ latest Kanye produced project, Nasir, and Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s long rumored joint album, Everything Is Love. We give our reactions and opinions and discuss if both projects lived up to the immense hype surrounding them. Check the full episode out above and tell us your thoughts, comments, and questions about the topics in the episode.

00:01:15 70th Anniversary of the first vinyl LP

00:05:30 Elvis Presley’s estate has gone broke

00:07:58 Nas, SZA, MIA, A$AP Rocky, and Busta Rhymes opening for Lauryn Hill’s Miseducational Tour

00:10:25 CyHi The Prynce getting his own 7 track project?

00:13:05 Childish Gambino goes back to high school

00:14:58 The tragic death of XXXTENTACION and the need for a mentality change in the culture

00:48:03 Was ‘Nasir’ everything we wanted from a fully Kanye produced Nas album?

01:01:10 – Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s ‘Everything Is Love’ was surprisingly missing in anything ‘wow’


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