Our Oscars prediction results, the blasphemy of Lion King 2, and new shows to watch

We’re back (Shannon, Dareece, and Dario) and we’re ready to discuss our thoughts about the Oscars and most importantly see who won from our prior predictions. But first we open by getting Shannon and Dario’s opinions about Black Panther and close with discussions about Lion King 2Sandlot 2, and Disney’s continued (lackluster) effort at making live-adaptations of their classic animated films – which spawned the meme worthy phrase, “You don’t know about Kovu bro?!”. As well, as Shannon’s Top 5 Stephen King adaptations and new shows like Counterpart and Hap and Leonard that you should all check out. Check the full episode out above and tell us your thoughts, comments, and questions about the topics in the episode.

00:00:58 – Shannon and Dario’s opinions about Black Panther

00:09:18 – Our Oscars reactions

00:20:16 – Our Oscars prediction results (Dareece gets washed)

00:41:43 – The blasphemy of Lion King 2 and Disney’s bad streak of live-action adaptations 

00:51:20 – Shannon’s Top 5 Stephen King adaptations

00:55:20 – New (and some old) shows to watch


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