Nicki Minaj goes self-destructive while Eminem goes ‘Kamikaze’ on hip-hop

We’re back and discussing all of the recent tirades, outbursts, and backtracking that’s been going on in hip-hop. From Nicki Minaj’s post-launch assault on Travis Scott and everyone associated with him, to Eminem’s vicious rebuttal to any and all of his critics, to Kanye West’s recent apology to his fans and Drake. Then we close things out by talking about the latest projects from Ariana Grande, Bas, and Troye Sivan. Check the full episode out above and tell us your thoughts, comments, and questions about the topics in the episode.

00:02:56 Has Nicki Minaj ruined her own hype for her album?

00:19:46 Eminem goes ‘Kamikaze’ on the rap world…is Slim Shady back?

00:44:41 Should we (as consumers) and Drake accept Kanye West’s recent apology parade?

00:59:14 Ariane Grande, Bas, and Troye Sivan

01:12:29 New and upcoming music releases


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