Cautious optimism for Black Panther, untraining your creative mind, and the themes of Marvin Touré’s art work

Shit gets real in this episode as we speak to Marvin Touré about his upcoming art work, the influences of his West African heritage and being a first-generation immigrant, and his cautious optimism about Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther film. We also dive deep into an artist’s struggle to convey his own life and perspective while still leaving room for interpretation from a larger audience, untraining your mind after years of traditional schooling, the themes of the racial undertones of body perception, mental conditioning, and the mentality towards art in West Africa compared to the traditional Western context. Needless to say we dive deep. Check the full episode out above and tell us your thoughts, comments, and questions about the topics in the episode.

00:07:37 – Thoughts about Trump’s ‘shitholes’ comment

00:13:00 – The inspirations and experiences driving the themes of his future work

00:20:58 – What’s the excitement level for Marvel’s first black/African superhero film, Black Panther?

00:40:18 – The struggle of creating from your own perspective while still appealing to a larger audience and untraining your mind

00:55:31 – A traditional West African family’s response to choosing an art career

01:00:51 – The art scene and mentality in West Africa compared to the Western context

01:13:38 – The parallel themes of Get Out and Marvin’s artwork


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Damaged City Festival 2019 | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

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