The High Divers : The Hamilton DC Live

[dropcap size=big]B[/dropcap]efore any concert I try to research the bands I’ll be shooting, take time to listen to most of their songs, and gain an idea of the energy I’m going to be capturing. Once in a while I get caught completely off guard, and The High Divers are one of those rare bands. Being completely honest, listening to their songs on Spotify (even watching some live videos on YouTube) did nothing to prepare me for the experience I was in for. The High Divers are an up and coming band by way of Charleston, South Carolina, composed of Mary Alice Mitchell (keyboard/vocals), Julius DeAngelis (percussion), Kevin Early (bass/vocals), and Luke Mitchell (guitar/vocals). Based in South Carolina The High Divers bring every bit of a classic southern rock influenced sound with a modern touch and a power that is all their own. Opening with the upbeat percussion heavy track “Not Sharing” off their upcoming album Chicora (releasing in early-March), The High Divers took the crowd at D.C.’s Hamilton Live by surprise and didn’t stop for their entire 60 minute set. Playing a mix of unreleased songs off their new album and favorites from their 2015 album Riverlust, their feel good rock vibes, infectious energy, and larger than life sound made a fan of this concert photographer.

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