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Young Thug – Slime Language Reaction

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Go back just a few short years and it really felt like Young Thug might be the heir apparent to Future, and to a lesser extent, Lil Wayne (who he’s been heavily influenced by). But for one reason or another, he just hasn’t really been able to take things over the top. His last few projects have been average to above average at best and despite having their moments, nothing really moved the culture like his earlier projects did; a sentiment that I carry to his latest, Slime Language. The sheer amount of guests he has here makes the project feel like a compilation of sorts and its directionless nature still leaves me wondering what he’s trying to accomplish with some of the songs. Making songs just for the sake of making songs is fine…as long as it’s full of potential hits (Future’s made an impressive career out of this), but aside from maybe one or two tracks there’s nothing that makes me feel like I need to go back and play them again. Young Thug’s formula hasn’t changed much and with younger, hungrier acts on the rise (Lil Baby, Gunna) that seem to be doing his style to a higher degree, we’re going to need to hear something more impactful if he’s to remain relevant in music.

Nicki Minaj's latest wasn't all hits but it far exceeded expectations and there's more than enough present to remind everyone why she blew up to such extraordinary heights in the first place. It's a shame though that she won't just let the music speak for itself.
Travis Scott finally put together all of the pieces of his immense talent and crafted his most realized project yet. 'ASTROWORLD' is a complete experience from front to back that transports you to a world all of Scott's own making, and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon.
It's far from his best tape but it's still high quality mindless music that you can vibe and turn up too. If you're not expecting anything different from Future, then BEASTMODE 2 is right up your alley.

Yeah my slimes wit me, I was born tinted
You can’t see who in it, presidential limit
You can see we winnin’, fuck you thought?
I put VVS’ in my mouth
Straight out the South, I got clout

– “Slimed In”

Have you heard Slime Language? What’d you think of it? Do you think it’s time for Young Thug to musically shake things up a bit? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Young Thug – Slime Language Reaction
Young Thug's formula hasn't changed much and with younger, hungrier acts on the rise that seem to be doing his style to a higher degree, we're going to need to hear something more impactful if he's to remain relevant in music.
Chanel (Go Get It)
Slimed In

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