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YG – Stay Dangerous Reaction

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Back when YG first broke onto the scene, I never would have imagined that he would have made it this far in his career, but he’s defied the odds and carved out a more than respectable spot among his peers. He even surprised with his last album which showed a more thoughtful and socially conscious side to the rapper. While that was a refreshing change up, on Stay Dangerous he sort of heads back to the basics and most of what we get on here are typical lifestyle raps – whether that’s about gangbanging, money, women, or all of the above. While I would have liked to see him explore that other side a bit more, most of what’s here is highly enjoyable. The beats are knocking, everything is west coast to its core, and his blunt, no fuss lyrics are still as vivid as they’ve ever been. So Stay Dangerous doesn’t really elevate his career to any new heights but it doesn’t negatively impact it either. It’s a YG album full of everything you’d expect from a YG record and it does enough to keep things coasting along.

There's definitely some interesting concepts on the project, but as whole it didn't really deliver something very compelling - still leaving Denzel Curry on the outside looking in.
Like all of Wiz Khalifa's recent projects, 'Rolling Papers 2' has it's fair share of noteworthy moments, but that gap between the really good and the really bad is still wide as ever.
If you know Freddie Gibbs then you already know his music is unapologetically hard, and 'Freddie' might be his hardest one yet. It's at the least, his most focused one. Only coming in at 10 tracks, there's not a moment, verse, or instrumental wasted.

Suu whoop my rag (rag)
I’m suu whoop when I’m mad (mad)
“YG, don’t you got a daughter?”
Yeah, I’m a gangbangin’-ass dad (dad)


Have you heard Stay Dangerous? What’d you think about it? Would you have liked to see him explore more of the themes he did on his last album? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

YG – Stay Dangerous Reaction
'Stay Dangerous' doesn't really elevate his career to any new heights but it doesn't negatively impact it either. It's a YG album full of everything you'd expect from a YG record and it does enough to keep things coasting along.

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