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Wiz Khalifa – Rolling Papers 2 Reaction

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There was a point in time when I was as excited for a new Wiz Khalifa project as I was for anyone else coming out…but then he fell in love with the trap sound. So long gone have been the days of Kush & OJ that it’s hard to even imagine that that music was from the same person. There’d be nothing wrong with going the more mainstream trap route if everything he’s put out since Cabin Fever hasn’t been so aggressively generic. A fact he unfortunately doesn’t remedy here. Like all of his recent projects, Rolling Papers 2 has it’s fair share of noteworthy moments, like “Hopeless Romantic” (which is a smash), but that gap between the really good and the really bad is still wide as ever. And at 25 tracks long, the album is at least 8 songs too long. There’s still some stuff to keep me coming back for a little while, but ‘mixtape Wiz’ still remains vastly superior to ‘album Wiz.’

It’s a good listen (Drake doesn’t put out bad listens), but there’s a whole lot that I like on 'Scorpion' but almost nothing I loved. I don’t think I’ve ever skipped through a Drake project as much as I have here. There’s still quotables for days but you gotta get through a lot of uninspired filler to get to it.
Where as others have typically used these beats to glorify the streets and 'trap' life, Lecrae takes aim at talking about the perils of that lifestyle and advocating for a better and at the least different way. It's not as jarring as you'd expect it to be as he's very subtle in the messaging and the focus is more on the musicality of it all.
"Testing" is probably A$AP Rocky's most experimental album yet (also his first without direction from Yams), with it's sprawling soundscape that undulates from concept to another, all while not losing his signature charisma and style. However, it doesn't do much to change many people's image of him, as style over substance.

Working ’til my hands get callouses
Been a player, I established it, whips be the fastest
Chicks be the baddest and my kush above average
Legendary status and my crib like a palace

– “Bootsy Bellows”

Have you heard Rolling Papers 2? What’d you think about it? Will Wiz Khalifa ever deliver that definitive album? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Wiz Khalifa – Rolling Papers 2 Reaction
Like all of Wiz Khalifa's recent projects, 'Rolling Papers 2' has it's fair share of noteworthy moments, but that gap between the really good and the really bad is still wide as ever.
Hopeless Romantic
B Ok
Bootsy Bellows
Rolling Papers 2

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