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Vox Eagle – “No Sleep No Sleep” Reaction

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“No Sleep No Sleep” is not only the definition of groovy, but groovy that’s masterfully wrapped in a unique musical sheath of a few very different types of genres.

Australian artist Vox Eagle’s work has garnered the attention of brands like Smirnoff, Coca Cola and VW, and his engineering skills have been enlisted by Phoenix and the Vines, but now, he takes on the microphone as well, and the result is more than pleasing to the ears. In fact, his singing oozes the confidence and funky swagger of a much more experienced singer. The vocals have a subtle hint of blues, just enough to give them a special kick. Not only does Vox Eagle conjure up an interesting cross between Paolo Nutini and Adam Levine, but arguably one that combines the two’s best vocal features.

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The best part about the vocals is that they ride the instrumentals’ funky vibe perfectly, melodic and snappy at the same time. And just like the singing is pervaded by inconspicuous blues, the instrumentals pulse under a palpable electro beat, generating a very unusual energy that is highly contagious. And as if this musical palette wasn’t colorful and off-beat enough, some aboriginal brass instrumentals sneak in just at the right times to give “No Sleep No Sleep” a few more hits of simplistic coolness.

“No Sleep No Sleep” is awesome for a night out, it’s awesome for dancing in your pajamas at home, it’s just an awesome song that makes you feel the same.

“No Sleep No Sleep” is a truly unique song that not only encompasses a few musical styles that you wouldn’t normally expect to hear within the same album, let alone within the same song, but it does it absolutely seamlessly.

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Vox Eagle – “No Sleep No Sleep” Reaction
"No Sleep No Sleep" is not only groovy, but groovy that’s masterfully wrapped in a unique musical sheath of a few very different types of genres.

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