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Video Roundup 7/1-7/7

Nicki Minaj is still really struggling to build excitement for her upcoming and long-delayed upcoming album. Seems like she’s tried anything and everything and she’s back again this time paired with Ariana Grande with the island inspired “Bed.” It’s as generic and uninspired as everything she’s put out thus far and the video is little less than a montage of ass shots. When you have to try this hard to sell an album, I think it’s time to worry. Ooo looks like we may be getting that Khalid follow up soon as we just got the official video for his 6LACK and Ty Dolla $ign (who continues to be on literally everything these days), and from the video to the song it’s an ode to late ’90s/’00s R&B and it’s a banger! If this is any indication of what’s to come, expect a fully matured Khalid on his next one, and we can dig it. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard Jason Mraz’s name really buzzing around, but he’s back with “Might As Well Dance”, and while it’s far from a chart topper, it does have a catchy bop and it’s folksy/country vibes are matched by the very down-to-earth visuals.

Yeahhhh is exactly what we thought when we saw that thumbnail of Bow Wow in front a private jet, and it also happens to be the title for his latest single (albeit our ‘yeah’ was in a much more sarcastic manner). Clearly trying to ride the (negative) attention he’s been getting from the Bow Wow challenge, he’ll seemingly do anything and everything to gain attention again – including putting Kanye and Trump lookalikes in the video that have nothing to do with the song. It’s hard to take him seriously these days, but he’s good for a laugh or two. Speaking of trying to gain attention again, Iggy Azalea pulled out all the stops ass for her latest extremely NSFW video, and while the ploy for plays is absurdly transparent, we can’t help but admit that the song goes. Not enough to return to relevancy, but it does go.

Check out everything I rounded up below and let me know which ones were your favorites.

Khalid – OTW (ft. 6LACK & Ty Dolla $ign)
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Jason Mraz – Might As Well Dance
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Lucy Camp – Disguise
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Nicki Minaj – Bed (ft. Ariana Grande)
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Curren$y & Harry Fraud – Scarab 38 (Feat. Action Bronson)
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Dizzy Wright – Me and Mine
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Jazz Cartier – Which One
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Bow Wow – YEAAHH
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Iggy Azalea – Kream (ft. Tyga)
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What’d you think about this week’s videos? Which ones were your favorites? Did I miss any that I should check out? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to stay up with all the new content.

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