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Tove Lo – BLUE LIPS (Lady Wood Phase II) Reaction

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BLUE LIPS is my first Tove Lo listen, I had been hearing good things about her for a while now so I finally decided to give her a chance. And I have to say that all the high praise I had been hearing was well deserved. The vibe and groove found on the album was incredible; I found myself nodding along for almost its entirety. The production is a lush mix of dance, pop, electronic, and some splashes of R&B. All accentuated by her silky smooth voice. On the surface it’s a great, easy listen that should have a wide appeal. Once you dig deeper beneath the surface however, you’ll find something much more devious than its glossy sheen would imply. There’s a level of desperation and depravity to the proceedings (mostly sexual in nature), that becomes glaringly present when you really listen to the lyrics that are anything but bashful. I guess that’s where the ‘Lady Wood’ part of the title comes in (‘BLUE LIPS’? I don’t even want to speculate). It’s an interesting dichotomy and one that I imagine I’ll revisit again. Tove Lo just got a new fan.

“Live life now, peakin’ on top
So wild now, I’m high as fuck
Don’t look down
Mama, you can relax
I know how to dial it back
Not this time”

Have you heard BLUE LIPS? What’d you think about it? Were you a Tove Lo fan before this album. Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions to the album.

Tove Lo - BLUE LIPS (Lady Wood Phase II) Reaction | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
Tove Lo creates an interesting dichotomy on her latest album with it's glossy, pristine production and her unabashedly sexually depraved and devious lyrics. It's a softcore raunchiness with incredible grooves that I can't help but continue to revisit.
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