T.I. – Dime Trap Reaction

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T.I. – Dime Trap Reaction
T.I. has finally figured out how to bridge the gap between the old 'trap king' we loved and grew up with and the more socially charged side we've been getting in recent years. 'Dime Trap' is his best project in years and should not be slept on.
Big Ol Drip
Pray For Me
  1. Whisper-talking is not singing. Listen to Dusty Springfield sing The Look of Love from the same era and then listen to Claudine sing the same song. Sorry for the Star Wars reference but Longet’s treatment of the song is like the dark side and the arrangement is no Nelson Riddle or Quincy Jones either, its more like Wierd Al. She clawed her way to fame and that is a generous and euphemistic approach. When she wanted to be an actress she slept with famous actors, when she wanted to be a singer she slept with a famous singer. Even when she wanted simple recreation like skiing, she slept with an Olympic skier. And when she killed the skier out of jealously, she slept with her lawyer and got off. But the later is just an opinion. The bad whisper-talk-over produced and tracked singing is self evident.

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