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Pusha T – Daytona Reaction

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It’s been 3 years of waiting for Pusha T’s lastest album and we got…7 tracks. Yes it’s a paltry amount for so long a wait but Daytona is his most cohesive work of music yet. It’s as much a Kanye project as it is a Pusha T one, as his DNA runs all throughout the seven track offering. Say what you want about his ranting and ‘free thinking’ but when it’s all said and done Kanye will go down as one of the most prolific producers in the history of hip-hop. On Daytona he’s back to sampling and the soundscapes are as gorgeous as anything he’s put out in the last 3 years – lush, grim, and just sparse enough to let Pusha run wild; and run wild he does. Pusha T is as sharp as ever and while you always know what subject matter you’re gonna get from him he always paints lyrics so vivid and enthralling that you feel like you’re right there. It’s high-art coke rap and it’s about as cinematic as you can get with music. Not to mention that he has more than a little lyrical venom for some notable names. I’d be lying if I said the album’s 7 tracks didn’t leave me wanting more but what we do get here is so damn good that it’s excusable.

Top tier lyricism, strong production, great use of features, and revelatory storytelling make Book of Ryan THE definitive Royce da 5'9" album and a must listen.
Styles P just low key may have just dropped the hardest album to come out this year. Hip-hop will always be a young man's game but Styles P shows that he's still got 'it' and then some with the most relevant album to come out of the D-Block click in years.
Although it's titled Life of Desiigner, we don't learn much about him as a person but we do get a much better feel for who he is as his own musical entity. None of the seven songs here are as good as even the loosies he's released over the past year but their even to keep me interested in a proper debut.

Believe in myself and the Coles and Kendricks
Let the sock puppets play in their roles and gimmicks, shit
Remember Will Smith won the first Grammy?
And they ain’t even recognize Hov until “Annie”
So I don’t tap dance for the crackers and sing Mammy
‘Cause I’m posed to juggle these flows and nose candy (yugh)

– “Infared”

Have you heard Daytona? What’d you think about it? Do you think 7 tracks was enough to satisfy the fans who’ve been waiting years for something new from Pusha T? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Pusha T – Daytona Reaction
The soundscapes are as gorgeous as anything Kanye's put out in the last 3 years - lush, grim, and just sparse enough to let Pusha T run wild; and run wild he does. It's high-art coke rap and it's about as cinematic as you can get with music.
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