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Playboi Carti – Die Lit Reaction

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Playboi Carti has been relatively quiet since the massive success of “Magnolia,” but he’s trying to remedy that with the surprise drop of his debut album, Die Lit. As the name heavily implies, don’t expect much substance from him other than vibes. While Lil Yachty has essentially been the poster boy for ‘mumble rap’, I think that title should definitely go to Playboi Carti – for the entirety of Die Lit, I don’t think we got one complete verse from the ‘rapper.’ In fact, I think categorizing this as rap would be inaccurate, it’s more like urban electro/house music than rap. So if you approach the album as so, it’s composition of 90% repetitive ad-libs and phrases become more bearable as creating a ‘vibe’ versus a song. I mean you can regularly go an almost full minute into a song before you get more than two coherent words. It’s an album definitely aimed at a certain youthful demographic that’s only ‘rap’ in title, and while it has a handful of enjoyable ‘vibes’, it doesn’t have anything that’ll disassociate him with anything but “Magnolia.”

Human feels like an awakening, a new direction in life, and a result of a search for deeper understanding. It's an album that's full of spirituality and (at times overtly) religious overtones that sees Steve Angello pull out all of the tools in his deep tool kit, and while it's a clear departure from the music that thrust him to the upper echelons, it's a glorious new beginning to something special.
Swae Lee just solidified the claim that he's the most talented out of Rae Sremmurd with a project full of lush cruising music and pop/R&B experimentation that paid off far more than one might imagine. Out of all 3 offerings, "Swaecation" is by and far the real standout of the bunch.
Post Malone's latest doesn't do much in the way of evolving his craft, as the entire album just feels like a long collection of homogeneous 'moods' with songs that sound like every other song on the album that sound like every other song on his previous album. But "beerbongs & bentleys" is an easy (if not mindless) listen and there are a good number of stand out moments, it's just that none of them feel as innovative or exciting as when he first burst onto the scene.

“All of my buddies on ten (ten), all of my moneys in Yen (Yen)
All of my work is sellin’ (sellin’), Thank you, and please come again (‘gain)
All we know here is the win (win)
Fabulous, gone with the wind (wind)
All of this one of a kind
But if I order it, get it again”

Have you heard Die Lit? What’d you think about it? Did Playboi Carti show you anything to sway your opinion of him either way? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Playboi Carti – Die Lit Reaction
Playboi Carti's debut album is definitely aimed at a certain youthful demographic that's only 'rap' in title, and while it has a handful of enjoyable 'vibes', it doesn't have anything that'll disassociate him with anything but "Magnolia."
R.I.P. Fredo (Notice Me)
Long Time (Intro)
Poke It Out

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