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Ne-Yo – Good Man Reaction

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Music can be an extremely fickle and brutal industry, and you needn’t look further than the countless R&B stars thrown to the wayside from the late ’90s and early ’00s for evidence of this fact. When they were big they were BIG and Ne-Yo was one of the biggest of them all, with a massive new hit or feature seemingly every 6 months, he was as ubiquitous as they came. Then things shifted, drastically, and his type of more traditional R&B was no longer popular. That hasn’t stopped him from trying though. Good Man is his latest attempt at showing that traditional R&B still matters. I don’t think he makes a strong enough case to sway general opinion, but he does put out some of his most compelling material in some years. His sound is still classic Ne-Yo fare, so you won’t hear him push into the more alternative, rap infused, direction R&B has taken, and he’s always had an international flare to his music but there’s even more of a push for those latin/dancehall/island vibes and he does it better than most. Maybe it’s true they say distance makes things grow fonder because after not hearing his type of music/musical sensibilities in a long time, Good Man felt like a breath of fresh air in the overly serious climate R&B finds itself in. He won’t change the direction the genre has taken, but it is a welcome presence nonetheless.

Evolving and progressing your sound is always a tricky affair but on "Electric Light" James Bay has been able to pull it off 'almost' flawlessly - giving his core fans what they fell in love with in the first place while boldly pushing into a new audience and direction without it feeling forced or gimmicky.
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Voicenotes isn't the most exciting or original album to come out of pop but it does provide a much stronger argument as to why we should care about Charlie Puth as an artist outside of an occasional big feature.

I cannot deny it, I cannot deny it (yeah)
I done broke a few hearts (yeah), done my share of lying
I knew how to keep it quiet, I knew how to hide it
Or if I ever did get caught, I’d just deny it
If my mama knew the thangs I did, she wouldn’t like it


Have you heard Good Man? What’d you think about it? Do you think R&B is missing Ne-Yo’s type of musical sensibilities? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Ne-Yo – Good Man Reaction
Maybe it's true they say distance makes things grow fonder because after not hearing Ne-Yo's type of music/musical sensibilities in a long time, 'Good Man' felt like a breath of fresh air in the overly serious climate R&B finds itself in.
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