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Mike Shinoda – Post Traumatic Reaction

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There were few deaths recently that have rocked the world harder than the unfortunate passing of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington. And the fact that he took his own life, made it that much harder for people, and undoubtedly the hardest for the people that were closest to him. Dealing with that immense loss and still trying to celebrate his life and all of the amazing times together is what drove the group’s co-founder, Mike Shinoda, to his first solo offering, Post Traumatic. As expected the album is full of grief and remorse as he publicly tries to cope with the pain and unanswered questions. But it’s not all sorrow, there are more celebratory numbers as I alluded to earlier. Unfortunately though, the actual music present here is nowhere near as compelling as the commendable reasons and sentiment driving its release. His psuedo-rap is just plain awful and grating at best, and the songwriting didn’t leave me walking away with anything meaningful. Only the more rock leaning and melodic songs deliver on anything really of note and there’s just a few of those moments on here. Post Traumatic is a commendable effort by Mike Shinoda and certainly a cathartic one for him but the actual music is nowhere near as compelling.

'Kids See Ghosts' is almost impossible to categorize the sound they've crafted but it's wholly their own it's got some very strong vibes. Not quite on Daytona levels, but definitely better than Kanye's own offering out of the bunch.
KYLE may not fit the stereotypical rapper aesthetic, but he is a technically gifted lyricist and the beats are undeniably catchy. At times the overwhelming positivity can become a bit sickening, like eating too much candy, but he knows his lane and he sticks to it with impressive focus. For what he sets out to do, "Light of Mine" is an impressive debut.
Thirty Seconds to Mars try their hand at a politically charged record but they ultimately come up well short of saying or adding anything worthwhile to the conversation. It's essentially an album that's full of vapid buzz words/phrases set to painfully generic electro-infused pop rock. It's not a "terrible" album but it's not a particularly compelling one either.

Come, come again, feel it when it’s flooding in
Woke up knowing I don’t have to be numb again
Starting line scratched out, I don’t have to run again
Give-a-fucks maxxed out, tell ’em I’m not coming in

– “Can’t Hear You Now”

Have you heard Post Traumatic? What’d you think about it? Did it leave you with any meaningful takeaways? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Mike Shinoda – Post Traumatic Reaction
Post Traumatic is a commendable effort by Mike Shinoda and certainly a cathartic one for him but the actual music is nowhere near as compelling.
Crossing A Line
Can't Hear You Now

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