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Jorja Smith – Lost & Found Reaction

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English singers have seemingly taken up the R&B/soul mantle more and more over these past few years and have been running away with it with acts like Sampha and Sam Smith. You can now add Jorja Smith that already impressive list of names. Lost & Found has steadily been one of my most anticipated projects ever since first hearing her on Drake’s More Life. She kept her features and output to a minimal but everything she touched left a resounding impact. There’s a deep soulfulness to her voice that seems well beyond her years and she clearly has a phenomenal ear because the production is a fantastic, sultry blend of modern R&B, neo-soul, and surprising injections of hip-hop. It’s all dim and moody but still has this irresistible rhythm that may not have you bouncing, but will have swaying. And her lush vocals envelope you with emotion as she muses about self-discovery, truth, and the society we live in. It’s all brilliant stuff that went above and beyond my already high expectations. Jorja Smith’s debut shows just how wildly talented she is and why she has to potential to be a transformative force in music. A must listen.

Maybe it's true they say distance makes things grow fonder because after not hearing Ne-Yo's type of music/musical sensibilities in a long time, 'Good Man' felt like a breath of fresh air in the overly serious climate R&B finds itself in.
What could have been a unique, inventive experience came off as more generic and safe than anything. There's some flashes of something truly special throughout Primal Heart, but ultimately Kimbra is unable to create something greater than the sum of its parts.
Janelle Monáe is at her most authentic self here, but while much of it is about self expression and living your truth, it's still very timely and aware of the larger things happening in our society (protest music you can party to). An album all her own sound that can only be described as 'futuristic funk' - it's sonics are lush, it's synths are bright, and it's bounce is irresistible.

So why do we all fall down
If there’s a reason we can stay afloat?
Why do we watch them drown?
We’re too selfish in the lifeboats

– “Lifeboats (Freestyle)”

Have you heard Lost & Found? What’d you think of it? Did Jorja Smith live up to her wildly high expectations? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own reactions and ratings for the album.

Jorja Smith – Lost & Found Reaction
Jorja Smith's debut shows just how wildly talented she is and why she has to potential to be a transformative force in music. A must listen.
Blue Lights
On Your Own
The One
Lifeboats (Freestyle)

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