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Freddie Gibbs – Freddie Reaction

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Freddie Gibbs is back and with some fire! I wasn’t expecting anything new from him but I’ll take it. Coming up in the generation of Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, and Big Sean (at least according to XXL), he’s never been able to attain the level of fame or success of his peers and he’s been criminally slept on as an MC but he’s put out quite a solid catalog nonetheless. If you know Gangsta Gibbs then you already know his music is unapologetically hard, and Freddie might be his hardest one yet. It’s at the least, his most focused one. Only coming in at 10 tracks, there’s not a moment, verse, or instrumental wasted. He sounds extremely sharp, focused, and hungry, but also with a looseness to him that makes it such an easy listen. The beat selection is also some of his best to date – each and every beat knocks with incredible ferocity and the raw soundscapes are perfect for his blunt, evocative lyricism. With all of his past troubles now firmly in the rear view mirror, Freddie feels like Gibbs is freshly re-energized and ready for a major run back to relevancy.

There's not much more that can be said about the tape other than if you love bars and you love the true essence of hip-hop which came from the heart and truly having something to say, then there's no reason you shouldn't be listening to this project as we speak. Black Thought & 9th Wonder are hip-hop to their core and the Vol. 1 implies that he's only just begun coming for his respect.
On 'Redemption' Jay Rock has clearly pulled out all the stops and it's resulted in his best, most complete project to date and a perfect pairing of his more traditional gangsta rap sensibilities and rap's more modern sounds. This is the definitive Rock album we've been waiting for and it stands tall even among this summer full of giants.
The soundscapes are as gorgeous as anything Kanye's put out in the last 3 years - lush, grim, and just sparse enough to let Pusha T run wild; and run wild he does. It's high-art coke rap and it's about as cinematic as you can get with music.

I can’t lie, still get high on prescriptions
Sometimes I go weeks without no sleep, I’m in the 5th dimension
I just caught a body, Luca Brasi, he sleep with the fishes
Fucked up part is when I go to sleep I see this nigga image
Bentley coupe, I guess you niggas out the loop, aye

– “Diamonds 2”

Have you heard Freddie? What’d you think about it? Do you like this more concise and free flowing Freddie Gibbs? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Freddie Gibbs – Freddie Reaction
If you know Freddie Gibbs then you already know his music is unapologetically hard, and 'Freddie' might be his hardest one yet. It's at the least, his most focused one. Only coming in at 10 tracks, there's not a moment, verse, or instrumental wasted.
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