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Daughtry – Cage to Rattle Reaction

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I’ve never been a Daughtry fan or ever really checked for their music, but this go around I figured I’d give their latest a listen. Why? Well because July was a slow a** month, that’s why. I’ve always pegged them to be fairly traditional rock fare but on Cage to Rattle their play for pop is evident in all of the big, repetitive hooks clearly aimed at ear worming their way into people’s heads. It’s all rather formulaic and has been done better twice over by other bands but the Southern/country flare that the lead singer brings to the table helps make things stand out more than they would’ve. His voice is the star of the show here and it’s good enough in fact to make you largely forget the dull and uninspiring songwriting. Daughtry does just enough, thanks in large part to the vocals, to keep Cage to Rattle from being a complete skip, but the margin isn’t large.

Dirty Projectors' latest is a bright, airy listen that may go overboard with some of its sappy love proclamations but still remains an infectious and wildly imaginative listen nonetheless.
Dawes' album is surprisingly political (at least cultural) as they speak of our great cultural divide, and in lesser terms romantic divides, and tries to find understanding and common ground on which we can come together on. It's admirable, it's just not all that exciting.
Panic! At the Disco's latest is all radio-friendly pop that's good for a listen or two but won't keep me coming back for more or get me excited for anything new from them in the future.

We’re all under pressure
Can’t stand the weather
For the worse and not for the better
Please, this ain’t the way to live
Something’s got to give

– “Death of Me”

Have you heard Cage to Rattle? What’d you thin about it? Have you been a Daughtry fan throughout their career? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Daughtry – Cage to Rattle Reaction
Daughtry does just enough, thanks in large part to the vocals, to keep Cage to Rattle from being a complete skip, but the margin isn't large.
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