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Carnage – Battered, Bruised, & Bloody Reaction

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Carnage is back with his second official album and although he may not be the biggest or most well known producer out there, he has always had an impressive network of “industry friends” he could call on to feature on his songs. But while you will find some bigger, more established names on Battered, Bruised, & Bloody, it’s largely left to this new generation of ‘SoundCloud rappers.’ In fact, I hardly recognized any of the names he had as features. And keeping with this push towards this newer wave, his production is very much in favor of what’s trending now. You’ll still find some of those EDM/trap influences that he’s most well known for, but for the most part the production is simplified down to the bare minimum to accommodate his guests. There really wasn’t any feature that was impressive, but Lil B probably stood out the most as he brought the most originality to the table; which is only fitting see as he’s the reason for a lot of these ‘SoundCloud rappers’ even existing. Battered, Bruised, & Bloody is a largely forgettable collection of generic trending beats, repetitive songwriting, and weak features.

"Bless Yo Trap" is a by the numbers 'SoundCloud rap' album that fails to produce anything really worth of note. When the bar of entry into this sub-genre is this low they were always bound to start cannibalizing each others' sound and fan base sooner than later.
Cardi B's debut isn't great by any stretch of the imagination but it's not that bad either. It's a more listenable project than I expected and has more than a few noteworthy moments. I guess what really makes it a decent project is that all of her best songs sound like a more than serviceable approximation of whatever artist she's feeling in that moment. They say the best artists steal, so in that sense she's more than on her way.
Juicy J returns to his grittier, more street sound on his sophomore effort, Rubba Band Business. That's not a bad thing, but the end result sound a bit too generic for more liking. Not even his relentless energy could elevate most of the songs past average.

“Yeah, back when I was just a youngin’
Didn’t have me nothin’, always up to somethin’
Started gettin’ money, now I’m off and runnin’
Way too high to function, call it comin’ up”

Have you heard Battered, Bruised, & Bloody? What’d you think about it? Do you think it did anything to stand out from the crowd? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Carnage – Battered, Bruised, & Bloody Reaction
Carnage's "Battered, Bruised, & Bloody" is a largely forgettable collection of generic trending beats, repetitive songwriting, and weak features.
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