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Bill Burr, it’s funny cause it’s true

[dropcap size=big]S[/dropcap]tand-up comedy is without a doubt the best vocation for edgy individuals and borderline assholes who like to speak their witty minds. Which category Bill Burr falls into is for everyone to decide for themselves, but one thing is certain – hardly anyone takes as much advantage of this unprecedented freedom of speech as he does.

George Carlin meets Al Bundy: Bill Burr’s comedy persona embodies the everyday white guy’s inner monologues about love, relationships, marriage, women, sports, political correctness and life altogether. Whether you find his stuff relatable or sexist, racist, politically incorrect, or plain offensive, the ballsy creator of Netflix’s F is for Family doesn’t just speak his minds, but the minds of many others – men and women of all races and strides of life.

As the saying goes, “there’s a grain of truth in every joke.” When it comes to Bill Burr, his comedy doesn’t have a grain of sugar on its truth coating. His jokes sound like excerpts from the diary of a grumpy, cynical man who actually makes a lot of sense once you get past the shock of his opening statements.

“I’m sick of Obama’s wife. This isn’t some republican rant either. It’s just kinda first ladies in general.”

First thought in anyone’s mind would be to label this guy a sexist. But as he goes on to explain, when you call a plumber, you wouldn’t want to hear the advice of his non-plumber wife. And when America has its first female president, her male first-lady “needs to shut his trap.” Somewhat reminiscent of South Park’s style, Burr is never one-sided in his arguments.

“I know you’re not supposed to make fun of fat people, I understand, all right. I don’t know why though… it’s totally curable.”


Again, Bill Burr dives headfirst into deep waters of political correctness and safe space and makes an argument most of us have made in our minds. He has openly admitted to not having sympathy for fat people, and with the arguments he makes, it’s hard to have any.

“McDonald’s is the reason why I’m out of shape. I would have got a salad but you didn’t have the option so I was like well I gotta get 52 Big Macs.“

“There is an epidemic of gold-digging whores in this country.”

No need to say the hall got quiet after this one. But once again, Bill Burr doesn’t just go off on a Facebook-like misogynistic rant but offers a fact-based perspective on the whole truth.

“We gotta understand that gold-digging whores are the wife-beaters for men.”

Just like he doesn’t advocate wife-beaters’ actions, Burr argues it’s only fair for their female equivalents to receive the same condemnation, which they don’t.

Bill Burr’s comedy is filled with many more racy jokes which work because they are so perfectly balanced on the thin line between insult and truth. The comedian manages to pin down this elusive happy medium through a comprehensive approach to comedy, accounting for all sides and nuances of reality. This is a philosophy as much applicable to comedy as it is to life altogether.

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