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A Perfect Circle - "Get the Lead Out" Reaction | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

A Perfect Circle – “Get the Lead Out” Reaction

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Where’d this come from?

A Perfect Circle are known for tracks like “the Outsider” and “the Package.” In short, hard, artistic alt. rock and metal. But this… 14 years since their last album, it’s safe to say they’ve grown with the times.

“Get the Lead Out,” off their fresh 2018 album Eat the Elephant, is an out-of-body experience of a track. It’s what you get when an excellent rock band embraces current trends in music without selling out their own sound. The result is everything the word “NEW” could ever mean and more.

Opening to placid piano and stumbling drums, “Get the Lead Out” is sombre at its offset. So far, so good, but certainly not uncommon to APC, right? What follows is as unexpected as it is awesome.

Thirty Seconds to Mars have apparently gone from assailing our senses with Deftones-level walls of sound to ooohhhhing and aaaahhhhing at us with, frankly, derivative tunes. A fairly straightforward EDM experience, but way less rock than there ought to be.
Yeah Yeah Yeah's refresh their style with this recording - lending new life to a classic track. I love it.
East Forest floods the senses in "Cairn" - soothing the heart and challenging the mind, building on its meditative theme with admirable sophistication. Sweet song all the way.

“Chit-chat, chit-chat
Ain’t got time for that
We got places to be
We got mountains to climb
Shape the rainbow with me
Only so much time”

Choice inclusion of samples, quiet repetition in the vocals, pizzicato plucking, and rhythmic record-scratching makes for a song at once meditative and aggressively experimental. A deep mellow dub beat then bounces this track out of the park. You know what influences they’re pulling from, but it’s so gloriously unanticipated it takes you by surprise all the same.

The urban underpinnings plod on low-key throughout the entirety of the album, but “Get the Lead Out” epitomizes the band’s fresh experimentation.

I loved it and the album overall. How about you?

A Perfect Circle – “Get the Lead Out” Reaction
Unique experimentation done right by a band no one's heard from in over a decade. Loved it.

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