Best of the Month: October 2018

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Album of the Month

While October may not have been as chockful of big name realeses as the previous months have been but it hasn’t been any less short of phenomenal new projects. One of the more unexpected gems to come from the month has been from indie-pop darlings Say Lou Lou and their new album, Immortelle. Simply put, it’s not just one of the best pop records to drop this year, but it’s one of the best records to drop this year period. It’s a hauntingly beautiful record that plays out its dark twisted tale over 7 songs and all painted with a noir, retro-futuristic brush. The atmospheric soundscape they lay down makes for an album that’s about as cinematic as one can get – you’d have no problem picturing one of these songs becoming the title song for a next entry in the James Bonds series. They pull you right in and never let up; their unwavering commitment to the direction makes for one of the most fully realized projects of the year and a compelling, must listen.


Video of the Month

iyla is a relative unknown and newcomer in the music industry but she’s made one hell of a splash with “Juice,” her lead single and video from her debut EP. Not only are her vocals buttery and enchanting but she shows that she also possesses a creative eye when it comes to her visuals. There’s two words to describe what’s unfolding on screen and it’s ‘pure aesthetics.’ The bright colors, the poses, the accent objects…everything just comes together perfectly and feels pulled straight out of a trendy art show. Combine that with the soulful R&B and you get straight up vibes. She’s definitely one to look out for in the future.


Trailer of the Month

Natalie Portman has turned in a lot of iconic roles over the years and it looks like she may just have another one on her hands with Vox Lux. The trailer offers us a fantastic look at what looks to be an absolute wild ride that provides commentary on pop culture, fame, celebrities, and our obsession with all of the above. While throwing in some suggested crime, violence, and dark comedy. Pair all of that with some fantastic aesthetics (which seems to be a theme this month) and cinematography and its haunting backing soundtrack, which kicks the surrealness to another level, and you have what appears to be a must see film and the most impactful trailer of this past month.



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