Best of the Month: February 2018

Best of the Month is decided by a number of different variables; voter counts from preceding posts, reader reaction ratings, gut feelings, and lots and lots of heated discussions.

Album of the Month

Skyzoo - In Celebration Of Us | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Skyzoo, a long time MC and verbal assassin, has just released one of the most content filled projects of the year. It’s a project that will take multiple listens to catch all of the gems he lays down and it’s exceptional production captures that classic NY feel without feeling stale or outdated. Not to mention how incredibly timely it’s message is and during a time when the black consciousness as a whole in the arts seems to be on the rise, hearing Skyzoo at the forefront of it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. This is hip-hop to its core and it’s an album that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Trailer of the Month

Fox hit the literal jackpot when they let Ryan Reynolds helm Deadpool. He has a deep affection and knowledge of the source material and it shows in everything associated with the franchise. Their marketing has been some of the best in the biz and we’d go as far to say that no one’s got a better grasp of the tone of a comic book character than they do. From the jabs at other super hero franchises, 4th wall breaking, and seemingly nonsensical break halfway through, the trailer is juvenile in all of the right ways and our first look at Josh Brolin as Cable has us sold. The hype train is coming!


Video of the Month

Drake kicked 2018 off in impressive fashion with a pair of songs that included the now smash hit, “God’s Plan.” It was a particularly upbeat song who’s message of positivity got kicked into overdrive with its heartwarming quasi-documentary video that saw Drake spreading charity and love all across Miami and its citizens. He definitely knows how to grab people’s attention, for better or worse, but we’ll avoid being cynical here and just soak up all of the good vibes. At the very least it’ll make you want to go out there and pay it forward and we could use more of that these days.


Damaged City Festival 2019 | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

CULTURE (counter, pop, and otherwise) and the people who shape it.

Damaged City Festival 2019 | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

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