Jaron Lamar Davis - My View Through the Lens of Music

Jaron Lamar Davis’ ‘My View Through the Lens of Music’ is out now!!!

Friend and frequent collaborator, Jaron Lamar Davis, has just released his fully self-produced debut album and it’s 8-tracks of eclectic alternative electric jazz hip-hop goodness that has our nod of approval.

It was a 3 year labor of love and he hopes that in your listening you can take away something of value, even if it’s all from one song. The goal for this record was to keep his musical integrity, but still have something that every listener could enjoy. It’s a project that deserves to be heard and if you love real artistry we think you should support real artistry. Available for purchase/digital download and streaming on all digital outlets now!!!

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Side note: If you have not watched his fantastic interview as part of our PRESENTS series, then you can do so here. And if you haven’t listened to his eye-opening turn as a guest on The Fearless Show podcast, then you can do so here.

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