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Yo Gotti – I Still Am Reaction

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Yo Gotti may just now be really getting that mainstream attention as an artist, but he’s been putting in work for what seems like forever now. It’s definitely not the most high brow of music but it’s a cut above the majority of the other street rap you’ll hear out there, and with each new go around he seems to top his last big single with an even bigger one. He may not be a consistent go to of mine but I always do typically enjoy his projects so I Still Am was still on my watch list.

“If I could talk to god like a real n*gga one on one, I’d tell him
Need my homeboys back, and a couple n*ggas that’s jailin’
Couple n*ggas convicted felons
I like the church but I don’t trust the reverend
Soul been absent in my presence”

This go around however, I was left feeling more than a bit underwhelmed. Outside of the massive hit that is “Rack It Up”, there’s nothing on I Still Am that really stood out to me. It all felt like pretty generic fare at this point and more of a check list of song types (even got the Chris Brown featured song for the ladies) than a genuine effort to create something authentic. The songs even seemed to lack a lot of that blunt charisma that makes me listen to his music for more than the beats in the first place. I don’t know if this album was a product of misplaced label involvement or what, but this is by far Yo Gotti’s weakest project in recent memory. Not even a strip club anthem of the year like “Rack It Up” can spice up this bland assortment of music.

Have you heard I Still Am? What’d you think about it? Is this Yo Gotti’s weakest project yet? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own reactions and ratings for the album.

Yo Gotti - I Still Am
I Still Am Reaction
I Still Am felt like a check list of song types lacking a lot of Yo Gotti's blunt charisma that elevated his past music above generic street fare. By far his weakest project in recent memory and not even a strip club anthem of the year like "Rack It Up" can spice up this bland assortment of music.
Rake It Up
Brown Bag

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