Video Roundup 7/16/17

Video Roundup 7/16-7/22

Another week of roundups, another week with a new Jay-Z video. Along with other artists like Linkin Park, Tyga, Demi Lovato, Vic Mensa, and more. Check out everything I rounded up below, along with my reactions.

Terrace Martin and The Pollyseeds – Intentions

Terrace Martin has been one of the more criminally unsung contributors in music for quite some time. Especially when it comes to West coast hip-hop. But he’s always put out incredibly dope music and he’s back with a new(?) group to hit us some more of the feel good music. “Intentions” is that great West coast funk that just makes you want to have a good time, which is what the video is all about.

Little Dragon – Strobe Light

Little Dragon revisits their last project with a video for their latest single “Strobe Light.” It’s visuals are uh…interesting to say the least, men in dresses dancing, neon cars ripping donuts, and sudo south western vibes. It’s strange, but somehow fits the song’s techno beats.

Linkin Park – Talking to Myself

I’ve never listened to Linkin Park outside of their joint album with Jay-Z for his Black Album, but I recognize the huge impact they’ve had in a lot of people’s lives. So the recent loss of their lead singer makes their latest video so much more impactful and meaningful, for better or worse. With that being said, I can see their appeal to people but they’re still not my cup of tea. RIP to Chester though.

A$AP Twelvyy – Strapped

For as large of a group/collective A$AP really is, they’ve never been able to launch anyone else’s careers outside of Rocky and Ferg. Now I think that’s due to there being a large talent gap between those two and the rest, but if there’s anyone else from the group that’s shown the potential to make it big, it has to be Twelvyy. It looks like he’s finally getting his own solo project and if the rest sounds anything like “Strapped” then it might be something worth the wait. An extremely solid street single.

NAV x Metro Boomin – Perfect Timing

No secret, I don’t like NAV very much. In fact, I’d say he sucks, but being associated with The Weeknd definitely has it’s perks as he’s now teamed up Metro Boomin for a joint project.  Deserved? Definitely not, but here we are. The beat is alright, but I really just can’t get with his “rapping” and his voice is damn annoying. Try hard if you ask me.

Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry

Yet another pop star claiming to be a “bad bitch” and a “savage”, sigh. The wave riding is sickening at times. The song isn’t really all that bad and has a sort of catchy quality to it, and Lovato’s voice is actually really strong, it’s just nothing original. Another “real” house party video that we all know is anything but.

Tyga – Move to L.A.

Don’t call it a comeback. No but really, don’t. Tyga the rapper, not the socialite, is trying to become a thing again and I’m actually not totally against it…if it’s solid like this one right here. For a guy who’s last album sold all of 10 copies, “Move to L.A.” is a surprisingly high-budget affair. Private jets, luxury cars, luxury jewelry, and endless stunting. The frauding continues.

Vic Mensa – Rage

Vic Mensa just officially released his official debut album, and while we haven’t been able to give our reaction to that yet, he’s released a video for “Rage” which will appear as a bonus track and was on his last mixtape. It’s my favorite song from him in quite a while and the video for it is quite impressive. He’s caught on a crashing private jet as he rages through the song before he ultimately rises from the wreckage. Very well shot and really captures the emotion of the song. Hope he keeps this up.

JAY-Z – Bam

Even Jay-Z has caught the island fever and created his own song, collaborating with the great Damian Marley for one of my favorite songs off the album. But unlike most other acts, he gives credit where it’s rightfully due and takes a trip to Jamaica to put the island, it’s people, and it’s music front and center, turning it into a sort of short documentary. Makes me respect him that much more. Big ups.

What’d you think about this week’s videos? Which ones were your favorites? Did I miss any that I should check out? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to stay up with all the new content.

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