Video Roundup 6/18/17

Video Roundup 6/18-6/24

There was a pretty dope collection of new videos from the likes of Desiigner, HAIM, Radiohead, 2 Chainz, SZA, and more. Check out everything I rounded up below, along with my reactions.

Desiigner – Outlet

I rock with Desiigner and while “Outlet” definitely wasn’t on the level of “Panda”, it’s still a solid track that gets clubs turnt. But damn, did it really need two videos? Short answer, no. Substitute Pogba for Dak and you’ve got version #2. While it definitely captures the nature of the song better than the first go around, it’s time to move one to the next song.

Danger Mouse – Chase Me

While this video is essentially just a glorified trailer for the upcoming film Baby Driver, I won’t complain about any means that brings Run the Jewels and Big Boi together on a song. I’ll admit, I’m not really feeling the beat on this one but they all do their thing as expected, so here’s to hoping for more collabs between them.

B.o.B – Mr. Mister

I’ve already expressed my disappointment at B.o.B’s career trajectory so I won’t go down that road again but he’s back with another ‘meh’ song from his last fully independent project, Ether. This is a case where the video is actually more interesting than the song itself, thanks in large part to collaborating with Funny or Die.

Radiohead – Man Of War

I can’t say I’m much of a fan of the legendary rock group; not because I don’t like their music but because I just honestly haven’t heard that much of their material to have much of an opinion. But damn I like this a lot. I’m not sure if this is for an already released album or an upcoming one, but I’m about to find out ASAP. I love the piano, I love the buildup, I love the vocals, and the visuals are very well shot; a dope one shot of two alternate versions of a man’s stroll through the streets. Damn man I’ve been slacking.

2 Chainz – Trap Check

I wasn’t sure if he could pull it off but 2 Chainz did the damn thing on Pretty Girls Like Trap Music and released one of my projects to drop this year. It’s been in constant rotation since it’s release and while “Trap Check” isn’t my favorite song off the album, I do love it’s nods to Jeezy and T.I.’s respective trap classics. He actually dropped a bunch of videos for the album, but this one’s by the far the most visually interesting with a real life game of chess being played with himself as the king of course.

Meek Mill – YBA

Say what you will about Meek, but he’s been on a steady upward path ever since his not so favorable back and not so forth with you know who. He’s been dropping solid song after solid song as he’s gearing up for album #3 . It’s his own version of Jay’s classic and the song as well as the video highlights black America’s struggles with the street life, police brutality, and black on black violence. Which is kind of ironic seeing as he was just accused of jumping fellow Minaj leftover, Safaree. Oh well.

HAIM – Want You Back

The sister trio extraordinaire are back and gearing up for their sophomore offering. I didn’t love everything off their first album, but I’m feeling this one. I don’t know what it is but I’m definitely getting some Jackson vibes on this one. Maybe it’s due to their clear 80’s influences or their vocals, but it’s definitely there. The video is super simple but it fits the song well. This officially made me excited to hear the album.

SZA – Drew Barrymore

One of my favorite songs off SZA’s debut album, and the lead single, finally gets the visual treatment. And surprise, surprise, it’s actually got a Drew Barrymore appearance in it. SZA has an incredible voice and her unique creative vision was on full display on Ctrl., and that carried over to the fantastic visuals. If you haven’t heard her album yet, you desperately need to.

What’d you think about this week’s videos? Which ones were your favorites? Did I miss any that I should check out? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to stay up with all the new content.

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