Video Roundup 3/12/17

Video Roundup 3/12-3/18

We’ve got a pretty eclectic list of videos for this week’s roudup with a lot of dope drops from lesser known artists like Oddisee, Allan Kingdom, and Two-9. But it’s not without it’s mainstream artists like Snoop Dogg and Jason Derulo. Check out everything I rounded up below, along with my reactions.

Oddisee – NNGE

This incredible producer/rapper out of DC has quickly become one of my favorite go-to artists today. He always releases dope projects and dope music and that didn’t change with his recent release The Iceberg which has been getting continuous plays since it’s release. “NNGE” was one of my favorite songs off the album with it’s go-go vibes (a staple of DC) and for the video he takes us through his hometown. It’s not high budget, but it does the job.

Allan Kingdom – Know About It

I’ll admit, I’ve heard the name Allan Kingdom for quite sometime now but I’ve never really checked out his music. This is one of the first songs of his that I’ve heard all the way through and it’s decent; that is if you don’t mind auto-tune and this new wave “alternative R&B.” The video’s got some trippy visuals that match the vibes of the song. An overall 6/10 for me.

Jason Derulo – Swalla

Jason Derulo’s music has never really done it for me; it’s all style and no substance, but I won’t deny that it’s cool for the clubs. Well he’s back with another one that if you couldn’t already tell, is all about…well you can guess it. The real draw here was a supposed response from Nicki to Remy Ma’s recent barrage of disses but if that’s what passes as a response these days then you can check me out of all future “beef.” The video is all women, suggestive foods, and dancing. He’s like the poor man’s Usher.

Two-9 – Nick Cannon

The Two-9 click of Ear Drummers Records has finally gotten back together and released their debut album. It was a cool project with some fairly dope songs a little higher fare than your typical ‘trap’ music, but this, was not one of them. Probably one of the most generic songs off the project and the video isn’t doing it any more justice. You can actually see the lighting in the background. What was the budget for this thing, a snickers?

Marian Hill – Down

I could be wrong but I feel like I’ve been hearing this song for a reallll long time now, so I’m surprised to see it just now getting a video. The song itself is a great record and the video concept with the elevators and stop motion to the beat was a dope idea, minus some wonky CGI.

Snoop Dogg – Super Crip

I love Snoop. To think that he’s made it this long and taken things this far is insane when you really think about it. But at some point, he’s gotta stop releasing albums before it starts affecting his legacy. His last album wasn’t outright horrible but it’s not what you want people to know you for. “Super Crip” (* sigh * Snoop you’re too old for this shit), despite how cringey the title is, is actually one of the better songs off the album thanks to some hard production and video is actually amusing, in a good way, with some Doggystyle era illustrations.

Young M.A – Hot Sauce

I don’t think there’s any rapper out right now that’s more classic NY than Young M.A, maybe Dave East but it’s a close contest. Her music is unapologetically street and I can’t argue that she doesn’t have a few bars in her. But she might need to switch it up a bit sonically before all her sounds start to sound the same. The video is full of Timberlands, Hennessy, weed, and a night at Ace’s with her posse. Didn’t I say classic NY?

What’d you think about this week’s videos? Which ones were your favorites? Did I miss any that I should check out? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to stay up with all the new content.

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