Video Roundup 1/29/17

Video Roundup 1/29-2/4

Well let’s keep these roundups rolling then (got a couple more coming today), this one comes from two weeks back and it was a pretty busy week for videos. I mean there was all kinds of drops from artists like Wale, Ty Dolla $ign, Ab-Soul, Maggie Rogers, Raekwon, and so many more. S0 check what I’ve rounded up below along with my reactions.

Dave East – It Was Written

Kairi Chanel was a breath of fresh air from the Harlem spitter with it’s grounded NY sound, which led to a big year for East. Still riding that wave, he hit us with the official video to his homage to the man that signed him. The video, like himself, is NY through and through.

Apollo Brown & Skyzoo – Nodding Off

Apollo Brown & Skyzoo definitely dropped one of my favorite projects from 2016. The Easy Truth was pure hip-hop and “Nodding Off” fully embodies that soul, visuals and all. If you haven’t heard their album yet, you need to.

Mayer Hawthorne – Time For Love

I love that old school 70’s era funk/soul, so whenever someone revisits that vibe, I’m all for it. Mayer is one of today’s best at doing this type of music and “Time For Love” is perfect dance floor music. The video is pure grooves, complete with dance breakdowns and all.

Divine Council – Dirtbags in Distress


“Decemba” was easily one of my favorite surprise songs of 2016 and I’ve been waiting to hear a follow up from the group. While “Dirtbags in Distress” doesn’t have the same impact of that song, you can still see why Andre 3000 was so intrigued by them. If he approves, then I’m down to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Ty Dolla $ign & Wiz Khalifa – Brand New

Initially I was skeptical about Wiz putting artists on, but after the resurgence he helped Juicy J experience and Ty Dolla $ign LITERALLY being everywhere and on every song these days, I’ll never doubt him again. “Brand New” is fire and almost every song they’re on together is fire; we really need that full length joint album ASAP. Dope visuals too.

Maggie Rogers – On + Off

Damn she’s really exploded in a short time since her run in with Pharrell went viral. But she continues to prove again and again that she’s so much more than a viral video, but a legitimate talent. I’m liking everything I’ve been hearing from her and I can’t wait to hear a full length. The videos…well that’s a matter of taste I guess, but I’m not much of a fan there.

Wale – Groundhog Day

“Groundhog Day” is what I and pretty much everybody assumes was Wale’s response to J. Cole’s “False Prophets”, and while he at times puts me to sleep, I can’t deny the dopeness of this song. When he’s in this mode, minus all the antics, it’s hard to find fault. The video follows him through the streets of Hollywood and adds an extra verse and spoken word to really get his point across. This Wale. This.

Ab-Soul – Evil Genius

At this rate Soul’s about to have a video for every track off Do What Thou Wilt. I’ve found most of them to be relatively forgettable, but this one hits a real emotional note as he pays tribute to his ex who tragically took her own life and visits his home that burnt down.

Raekwon – This Is What It Comes Too

Ooh, is Raekwon gearing up for another album? Hands down one of the best MC’s to ever do it has been going through a resurgence and I’m all for it! This shit right here is pure fire! If the rest of album sounds anything like this then it can’t come soon enough; he’s sounding real hungry. Visuals: simple and effective.

Anna Wise – Coconuts

A lot of people may not have name recognition with Anna Wise, but they’re no doubt familiar with the extensive work she’s done with Kendrick Lamar and the whole TDE camp. She seems to be trying to really get her solo career off the ground and so far everything I’ve heard from her has been dope. The vocals, production, and visuals are all usually on point, so people should really check her out.

What’d you think about this week’s videos? Which ones were your favorites? Did I miss any that I should check out? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to stay up with all the new content.

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