Video Roundup 1/1/17

Video Roundup 1/1-1/7

2017 is getting off to a fairly strong start in the music videos department. In this weeks roundup we’ve got some dope videos from artists like Big Sean, Jhenè Aiko, Migos, as well as a few surprise drops from AFI, Juelz Santana, Dirty Projectors, and more. Check them all out below along with my reactions.

Big Sean – Moves

Big Sean doesn’t get talked about in the same breath as J. Cole or Kendrick but he still consistently puts out good music, despite his sometimes corny persona. From what I’ve heard from his upcoming album I would have to say that it sounds like he’s got yet another solid project on his hands. Maybe this time he’ll finally get the respect he’s looking for (probably not though). The video for “Moves” is fairly simple, but it’s got some very dope effects.

Jhenè Aiko – Maniac

What a happy coincidence that she’d be dropping a video the same time as her alleged lover Big Sean, and much like her Twenty88 collaborator I don’t think she gets as much recognition as she should for putting out quality music. “Maniac” isn’t her best stuff, but it’s still a solid song and the video conveys the appropriate mood of the song.

Russ – Manifest

People have been sleeping on Russ for years now, but now he’s finally starting to blow and rightfully so. “Manifest” is all about his recent rise and he even gets to take moms on a dope vacation in the process. Cool song, cool video.

Dirty Projectors – Little Bubble

I just so happened to stumble across this video, I don’t know who Dirty Projectors is/are, but “Little Bubble” is a very dope song. I’m not really sure what the video signifies, but they get some amazing looking shots in there. Don’t mind the shameless product placement though.

NxWorries – Sidepiece

Yes Lawd! was one of the best surprises of 2016, and cemented why Anderson .Paak is so dope and the future of music. “Sidepiece” was definitely one of the standouts from that project, and the visuals are equally dope. The color tone and crazy graphic effects really make this one pop.

SOHN – Hard Liquor

Another one I just stumbled across, and I’m very grateful I did. The beat on this song is fucking mesmerizing, even intoxicating if you will. The video is equally mesmerizing with some great cinematography. I’m gonna have to check out his other work for sure.

Juelz Santana – Santana Bandanna

Had to throw this one in; I haven’t checked for Juelz in probably over a decade and this was a surprisingly dope song. He’s talks about the influence he and The Diplomats have had on the game, and it’s hard to argue because at one point they definitely had things on lock. He won’t ever get back to that level again but this was dope to hear, he still got a little something something.

Migos – T-Shirt

“Bad and Boujee” is an absolute smash, I was just getting loose to that in the club the other night, and now they hit me with even more heat. Culture is definitely shaping up to be a banger. At this point I think everyone knows they’re not talking about apparel. A whole lot of white in this video, snow and otherwise.

AFI – Snow Cats

Wait, are these the same guys that made “Miss Murder”? What a blast from the past, I didn’t even know they still made music, they don’t even look like the same people. Well either way they sound pretty good here. The video however, has some very cheesy graphics, but I’ll give them a pass for being gone for so long.

What’d you think about this week’s videos? Which ones were your favorites? Did I miss any that I should check out? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to stay up with all the new content.

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