Ty Segall – Ty Segall Reaction

Ty Segall - Ty SegallThis will mark my first Ty Segall album. I’ve heard the name before, but never checked his stuff out. Recently I’ve been hearing his name getting thrown around more and more, so I’ve finally decided to break down and give him a proper chance. I didn’t know what to expect from Ty Segall but was hoping for something new to add to the collection.

Well, that’s exactly what I got. I don’t know how I’ve been missing out on his stuff for this long but if the rest of his catalog is as impressive as this one here, then I’ve been sorely missing out. Right from the jump Ty Segall opens with the raucous, in your face “Break A Guitar”. It gave me heavy vibes of British Invasion era rock and it really shows how prolific he is on the guitar as he shreds this to pieces. Every time I thought I knew what to expect from him, the next song showed I knew nothing. It’s all over the place with it’s various styles and influences, and normally that would put me off but he’s such an adept artist that he pulls this juggling act off almost flawlessly. The real highlight for me was definitely “Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)”. It’s a 10 minute tour de force that sees him switch up from one style to next to the next, and it’s fucking epic. Honestly, it almost overpowers the rest of the album as the other songs can’t live up to it’s immense brilliance. Just as the first half of Ty Segall is full of monster epics, the latter half is completed by some equally brilliant intimate, pop numbers like “Orange Color Queen” and “Papers”.

“When it speaks I am viewing
The lines of meat living here
I shall keep all I’m doing
And when it speaks I write the view”

His songwriting and vocals are every bit as prolific as his guitar playing. There’s just a whole level of sophistication to it that’s awe inspiring. His ability to switch from the raucous to the mellow seemingly on the fly is truly impressive. He has a clear influence and affection for the rock of yesteryear and there’s no doubt that the artists that influenced him would be any less impressed than I am. Ty Segall is nothing less than amazing.

Have you heard Ty Segall? What’d you think about it? What was your favorite track? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your rating for the album.

Ty Segall - Ty Segall
Ty Segall Reaction
Ty Segall was my first entry into his catalog, and it was a hell of an introduction. He's a prolific guitarist who's ability to employ a dizzying array of styles is awe inspiring. Will go down as one of the best rock albums of 2017.
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Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)
The Only One
Orange Color Queen
Break A Guitar
Hard Passes
None (No skips needed)
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