Trailer Roundup 11/13/17

Trailer Roundup 11/13-11/26

This week of roundups had a lot to offer, starting with the unexpected new film, A Quiet Place. They don’t show too much, which is a massive problem with trailers these days, but what they do show had me instantly intrigued. It’s a novel concept and looks to be oozing with suspense. The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson continues to ruin childhoods with what looks like yet another generic action romp of a personal childhood favorite of mine. I love The Rock as much as the next person but somebody needs to stop him. On the indie side of things – The Pirates Of Somalia looks to be a wholly original docudrama about a journalist’s time covering you guessed it, the pirates of Somalia. I liked Evan Peters in American Horror Story and this looks like this could be his first big splash onto the (somewhat) big screen.

My two favorite trailers from the past couple pf weeks weren’t even trailers, but teasers for two of my most anticipated films – Deadpool 2 and Incredibles 2. The Deadpool 2 teaser is satisfyingly weird and Ryan Reynolds continues to absolutely nail the tone of the franchise. We get some actual clips of the movie at the end, but the teaser had me just as excited as the actual clips, if not more. Then there was Incredibles 2, the Pixar sequel I’ve been praying for for years now. How Cars continues to get sequels but The Incredibles hasn’t, is beyond me. But it’s finally here, and while they don’t actually show anything, just knowing it’s coming out, and soon, has me absolutely pumped. If you don’t think I’ll be right in line with all the little kids, then you don’t know me very well. Check out everything I rounded up below and let me know which ones you’re most pumped for.

A Quiet Place


Bullet Head


12 Strong

The Pirates of Somalia

Small Town Crime

Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool

The Mercy

The Greatest Showman

A Wrinkle in Time

Incredibles 2


Deadpool 2

What’d you think about this weeks roundup of trailers? Which one are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below and subscribe to stay up on all the content and gain access to exclusives.

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