Tory Lanez – Chixtape 4/The New Toronto 2 Reaction

Tory Lanez - The New Toronto 2It took me a while to warm up to Tory Lanez. Initially I felt like he was just an imitation Drake/Tiller and all his back and forth with Drake was corny at best. But, he dropped a very solid debut album and I couldn’t deny the immense talent he possessed. I was still looking for one more solid project to officially sway me. Well he gave me two; just before the end of the year he hit us with Chixtape 4 and The New Toronto 2.

I’ll start with Chixtape 4. It’s the first in the series I’ve heard and I gotta admit that he killed it. It’s basically a mixtape of covers of classic R&B songs squarely aimed at the ladies; hence the name Chixtape. He covers a whole slew of late 90’s/early 2000’s mega hits like “Ignition”, “I Need a Girl”, “Just a Friend”, and a ton more. So the bar is set extremely high right off the bat and he delivers without missing a beat. He sticks to primarily singing and normally I prefer my rappers/singers to lean more on their rapping but his vocals are impressive so I have no problem with it. He’s easily one of the best singers out of all the rappers/singers these days and he really flexes his muscles here. Production wise, Chixtape 4 isn’t a direct rip of the songs, instead they flip them all in interesting ways that make the songs feel familiar and refreshingly new at the same time.

“Your flow easy and your beats bore me
I done bossed up the city, whole street saw me
In a pair of a red bottoms and fatigues on me
Plugged up ’til the day they call police on me
Say my shit the hardest ’cause my shit the hardest
In ten years, we’ll check back ’bout who’s the bigger artist”

The New Toronto 2 is the more traditional “street album” of the pair, as it’s full of all original songs and Tory does his usual mixture of rapping and singing. The production on here is fantastic. Definitely akin to the type of lo-fi, moody production he had on I Told You. “Dancin” has some seriously haunting organs playing throughout the background, paired with frantic hi-hats. “New Year/$auce Baby” sounds like something off If You’re Reading This You’re Too Late. “Super Freak” is a club banger with hard bass and rhythmic bells. “Bodmon Song” and “Wraith Talk” are easily my two favorite songs off the tape, with AraabMuzik absolutely killing the production on the latter. Tory Lanez is a legitimate dual threat, he has some very dope verses that could stand with most in the game and his singing is good enough to stand on it’s own. The New Toronto 2 and Chixtape 4 were exactly the follow ups I was looking for to sway me fully into his camp. Tory Lanez is the real deal.

Have you heard The New Toronto 2 and Chixtape 4? Which tape was your favorite? Do you prefer his rapping or signing more? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your rating for the mixtapes.

Tory Lanez - Chixtape 4
The New Toronto 2/Chixtape 4 Reaction
The New Toronto 2 and Chixtape 4 are the exact follow ups I was looking for. He's a legit dual threat and he does it better than most others out there. I'm convinced; Tory Lanez is the real deal.
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Bodmon Song
Wraith Talk
Talk to Me Nice/Fargo Season
Need a Girl
Proud Family
Hard Passes
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