Steve Lacy - Steve Lacy's Demo

Steve Lacy – Steve Lacy’s Demo Reaction

Steve Lacy - Steve Lacy's Demo
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Not to be left alone while fellow group members Syd and Matt Martians stretched their solo legs, the 18 year old Steve Lacy has hit us with his very own solo offering called Steve Lacy’s Demo.

Out of everyone in the group, Steve Lacy is probably the least known, but potentially their most important as he had production credits for almost half of the songs on their phenomenal breakthrough album Ego Death. The production was fantastic and showed the immense potential he had at only 18 years of age. Looking to show more of what he’s capable of, this “demo” is a quick strike of six songs that show off his full repetoire both behind and in front of the boards. While it’s a brief offering with no songs going longer than three minutes, it’s an offering that definitely leaves a considerable impression. The level of sophistication and understanding present in the funk and soul he plies here seems well beyond his years. There isn’t any song worth skipping on here, but “Dark Red” is my clear favorite off the tape. The percussion, the use of background vocals, the guitar strings, are all just phenomenal. It’s all beautifully layered, tight song crafting that excels in everything it does.

“What if she’s fine
It’s my mind that’s wrong
And I just let bad thoughts
Linger for far too long”

Unlike his counterpart, Matt Martians, he’s seemingly just as great in the vocals as he is in his production, without the need for any technological assistance. His range is fantastic and he lays down some amazing sounding melodies. He draws out all kinds of soul from the songs and while it may only be a quick demo, it really shows the immense potential Steve Lacy has as an artist.

Have you heard Steve Lacy’s Demo? What’d you think about it? How does it compare to the other solo offerings from The Internet? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your rating for the project.

Steve Lacy - Steve Lacy's Demo
Steve Lacy's Demo Reaction
This is the third solo offering from The Internet, and while it's the shortest of the trio it might show the most potential. At only 18 years of age, Steve Lacy shows a command and understanding of funk and soul well beyond his years. He is as equally strong in front of the boards as he is behind them; giving us glimpses of what might be the next big thing.
Dark Red
Hard Passes
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