Meek Mill - Wins & Losses

Meek Mill – Wins & Losses Reaction

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I think it’s safe to say at this point that the last year or so has not been all that kind to Meek Mill. Ever since his (ill handled) public “beef” with the biggest name in hip-hop, Drake, he’s been taking one strong L after another. I didn’t have much sympathy for him though as it was all pretty much self inflicted, but it was strange to see so many people ready to write his entire career off due to everything but the actual music being put out. I wasn’t one of those people, but make no mistake, Wins & Losses could have easily been his last great hurrah, but I’m happy to say that he not only met but he exceeded any expectations I had for the album.

“Back when I was broke, they was cool with it
Now every move I make, I’m in the news with it
Even if I ain’t do it, they be like, you did it
My teacher always used to tell me you gon’ lose nigga
That’s why I never went to school nigga
And why I’m rappin’ like I got something to prove nigga”

He’s really gotten a great grasp of this whole album thing and has once again done a great job of blending club/turn up records with more introspective stuff and even a little something for the ladies. I don’t see this album being as commercially successful as DWMTN but it definitely feels like his most “real” record yet. He really digs deep on this one and delivers insightful bar after insightful bar. “1942 Flows” has easily become one of my favorite Meek Mill songs yet and he delivered yet another epic intro. With his back against the wall Meek Mill came out swinging and proved that he belongs among rap’s elite. Maybe now those meme worthy days are behind him; but knowing the internet, probably not.

Have you heard Wins & Losses? What’d you think about it? Do you think he delivered enough to erase all the L’s he’s been racking up over the last year or so? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own rating and reaction for the album.

Meek Mill - Wins & Losses
Wins & Losses Reaction
Wins & Losses could have easily been Meek Mill's last great hurrah but with his back against the wall he came out swinging and proved that not only does he belong among rap's elite but that his best years are still ahead of him.
1942 Flows
Wins & Losses
Glow Up
Never Lose
Hard Passes
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