Kerry James Marshall “Mastry” Art Show Reaction

The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Kerry James Marshall brings the MET Breuer to life with “Mastry”! This Contemporary Painter extraordinaire hit the stage with his largest show to date, a retrospective (Survey) of his work. “Mastry” holds a staggering 70- 80 artworks from Marshall’s career.  This guy is one of my art idols, so needless to say I was excited for the chance to see so much of his work in one place.

The sheer scale of his paintings, cant help but engulf you and draw you into his compositions.

Marshall is known for his dark black figures, and narratives of black american life and culture. Knowing this and seeing his images online still doesn’t do the work justice. The sheer scale of his paintings,  can’t help but engulf you and draw you into his compositions. It becomes obvious after being in the presence of his work that the artist places heavy emphasis on the notion of being unapologetically black.

How many masters of art can you name? Were any people of color?

His work elevates and embraces being darker and what being dark means in the continuum of art history and american society. That is also where the title “Mastry” comes in to play. How many masters of art can you name? Were any people of color? I honestly felt like that museum never had as many people of color inside as it did when Kerry James came through. I find it amazing that an artist can diversify a museum both inside and out so abruptly.

Most inspiring to me was how many topics the artist touched on. From love or pain, to boy scouts and hair salons, Kerry James Marshall pushes conversations about stereotypes and being accepted in society as a minority. I left the show impressed and energized to work in the studio. I couldn’t help but wonder as I left…. ‘how is that Kerry James Marshall’s first Retrospective?’.

What did you think about the show? Which work was your favorite? Leave comments, flip through the images and rate the show with stars bellow.

Mastry Art Show Reaction
Kerry James Marshall is a Living Legend in the art world. His retrospective is brilliant and actually lives up to the hype. Its just too bad this show can't stay up forever!
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