Future – FUTURE Reaction

Future - FUTUREYou can say what you want about Future but you can’t deny that he’s been on one hell of a run these past couple of years and is really starting to gain mainstream success. He’s had countless features, massive tours, and a seemingly never ending onslaught of music. I keep waiting for him to hit that same wall that Wayne hit after his crazy run of mixtapes, but I guess when your lyrics don’t matter you can put out songs at a non-stop pace. So when I heard he was dropping two albums at the start of the year I wasn’t even surprised.

FUTURE is the first of the pair to drop and in my estimation, the weakest. Don’t get me wrong there’s a handful of songs that go pretty hard, like on all of his tapes, but overall this might be one of his weaker projects in terms of exciting production. It’s impossible for me to think of Future without thinking about the incredible team of producers that he has behind him, they deserve at least 50% (maybe more) of the credit for all his success. They’re some of the best in the game and have completely shifted the sound of the culture with their long slew of hits. Unfortunately this right here isn’t their best. Outside of a few songs like “POA”, “Mask Off”, “Might As Well”, and “Feds Did A Sweep”, it all sounds like generic Future. When so many are aping the “sound”, generic won’t cut it for much longer.

“Two cups, toast up with the gang
From food stamps to a whole ‘nother domain
Out the bottom, I’m the livin’ proof (Super)
They compromising, half a million on the Coupe
Drug houses, lookin’ like Peru
Graduated, I was overdue”

I’m not even gonna play like I look for any sort of lyricism from Future. At this point you know what you’re getting, and lyrics is not part of it. Hell, I have a hard time even understanding a lot of his heavily slurred words, outside of the hooks; but I will say that he can create some highly infectious melodies with the way he says things. However, there wasn’t a whole lot of that this time around, and much like the production it feels like he’s just going through the motions.

Have you heard FUTURE? What’d you think about it? Where would you rank it in his catalog? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your rating for the mixtape.

Future - FUTURE
FUTURE Reaction
FUTURE feels like a by the numbers project from the rapper that ironically lacks a lot of the emotion and feeling that he often claims of others' music. Easily one of the more forgettable ones from his now extensive catalog.
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Feds Did a Sweep
Might As Well
Mask Off
Hard Passes
Good Dope
Super Trapper
out of 10
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