DJ Khaled - Grateful

DJ Khaled – Grateful Reaction

DJ Khaled - Grateful
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I’m sure you’re all aware by now but DJ Khaled is back with yet another one of “his” albums. Somehow he seems to put out a new project every 6 months, but then again I guess if you don’t actually create the music yourself your turnaround rate would be much higher. He has to be music’s greatest networker because he’s parlayed his many famous relationships into becoming the world’s most well known DJ, that doesn’t actually DJ. I may shit on his lack of actual talent, but I can’t deny that he continues to pull me in with his promise of exciting, unexpected dream collaborations.

“I talk gray, I don’t keep it white and black
Only say “I love you” just so I can hear it back
Sometimes, other times I’d love to have you back
Can’t think of a night that we ain’t turn up to the max”

Now typically, this promise of something special, at best, rarely ever lives up to it’s billing, and at worst, is an utter disappointment. His last album definitely was more on the utter disappointment side but this one stays somewhere in the middle, for the most part. There’s nothing on here that felt like ‘Oh my god!’ moments but songs like “Nobody”, “Wild Thoughts”, and “Shining” are about as close as he’ll get on this album. Speaking of “Wild Thoughts” in particular, I can’t really give DJ Khaled too much credit for repackaging an already classic hit and slapping Rihanna on it. On the other end of the spectrum there’s songs like “It’s Secured,” which features Nas and Travis Scott. It was one of the songs I was most excited about for it’s unique potential, and it turned out to be utterly disappointing. In short, Grateful is yet another DJ Khaled project that doesn’t deliver on any of it’s promises of something special from its collaborations, but makes just enough noise to warrant another one in 6 months.

Have you heard Grateful? What’d you think about it? Are you getting DJ Khaled fatigue like I am? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

DJ Khaled - Grateful
Grateful Reaction
DJ Khaled returned with yet another album full of interesting collaborations and team-ups that rarely, if ever, live up to their potential for something special. Leaving a disappointing taste once again and not much replay value. But he got his big single so he'll be back with "another one" of these shortly.
To The Max
Wild Thoughts
Hard Passes
I'm the One
It's Secured
Major Bag Alert
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