A$AP Mob - Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Too Cozy

A$AP Mob – Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Too Cozy Reaction

A$AP Mob - Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Too Cozy
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I was pleasantly surprised by A$AP Mob’s first Cozy Tape; it was an under the radar announcement and I honestly didn’t have that high of expectations, seeing as my love for the Mob (outside of Rocky) has greatly diminished after some lackluster projects ( I’m looking right at you Ferg). But Cozy Tapes Vol. 1 surpassed my expectations and delivered some of the best A$AP songs I’ve heard in a minute. Honestly, I probably liked it as much as I did because it was more of an A$AP Rocky featuring ‘fill in the blank’ than a full blown Mob affair, but either way it was quite enjoyable and my expectations were much higher for Cozy Tapes Vol. 2.

“‘Cause it feels so good when it’s you
And it feels so good when it’s new
‘Cause it feels so good when it’s new (ayy)
Why you actin’ like you ain’t knew?”

Sigh, I should have kept my expectations low. Instead of keeping things Rocky-centric like the first go around they brought everybody and their momma on board for this one, and quite frankly the ‘friends’ they’ve featured on this one take away immensely from the experience. Going from a actual verses to two plus minutes of nothing but ad-libs happens far too often here. However you feel about A$AP’s east coast trill style they have always been about actually rapping on their songs, and the ridiculous number of “mumble” rap features really took what could’ve been interesting songs and turned them into generic auto-tune messes. Songs get vastly better when Rocky hops on a track and it only made me wish this was more of a solo affair then what we got here. If you’re looking for some quick hype tracks to throw on then there’s probably something here for you but you’ll need to go somewhere else if you’re looking for anything more.

Have you heard Cozy Tapes Vol. 2? What’d you think about it? Do you wish it was more Rocky-centric like the first go around? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

A$AP Mob - Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Too Cozy
Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Too Cozy Reaction
This time around on Cozy Tapes the 'friends' really take away from what could've been some interesting songs. They should've let Rocky carry the tape like the first time, instead we ended up with a couple throwaway hype tracks and not a whole lot more.
Frat Rules
Feels So Good
What Happens
Hard Passes
Blowin' Minds (Skateboard)

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