A$AP Ferg - Still Striving

A$AP Ferg – Still Striving Reaction

A$AP Ferg - Still Striving
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After a really strong debut, A$AP Ferg just hasn’t been delivering or building on that momentum in any meaningful way. His sophomore album was a big step back for him and the mixtapes and singles he’s been putting out in that time period really haven’t been doing it for me. I still think that he has a lot of potential to him and like his overall style and charisma, but Still Striving could have ended up being one of the last projects of his I’d be checking for.

“Pelle jacket with the Trap Lord
In the back of the Marc Buchanan
I was nine in Versace
Wore Gucci with the Vans then
Used to Harlem Shake with the big shirts
Now my diamonds do the dancin’
My life is a movie, Steven Spielberg, Ferg
Nigga, light, camera, action”

Thankfully, I think with this mixtape he’s been able to wash away a lot of the bad taste left by his last projects with just a fun, hard-hitting collection of songs that I couldn’t help but vibe with. He’s stated in interviews that he felt like since his last album was so personal and serious (was I missing something?), he wanted to just make a fun, turn-up project; and that’s exactly what he delivered. Don’t expect to hear anything insightful or personal, it’s all pretty much throw away verses (that are generally entertaining) backed by some of his best production since Trap Lord. It’s really great, aggressive production that invokes some of the best elements of that signature Mob hype sound. Still Striving won’t take his career to any new heights, but it will satisfy a lot of fans who’ve been disappointed with his output as of late.

Have you heard Still Striving? What’d you think about it? Do you think A$AP Ferg made up for his lackluster sophomore album? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the mixtape.

A$AP Ferg - Still Striving
Still Striving Reaction
Still Striving is a mindless, hard-hitting, turn-up mixtape that doesn't do anything to elevate A$AP Ferg's career but it will wash out the bad taste of his last album for a lot of his fans. The production is the real MVP here.
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