Best of the Month: July 2017

Best of the Month: July 2017

Best of the Month is decided by a number of different variables; voter counts from preceding posts, reader reaction ratings, gut feelings, and lots and lots of heated discussions.

Album of the Month

Meek Mill - Wins and LossesThis was a tough one to call this month, as it came down primarily to Wins and Losses by Meek Mill or Lust For Life by Lana Del Rey. After much contemplation we felt like we couldn’t give it to anybody but Meek Mill and while Lust For Life was an exceptional piece of work, it’s impact and what it meant for it’s respective artist’s career was nowhere near as large as Wins and Losses‘s. After the much publicized and ill handled (on Meek’s part) “beef” with Drake people were more than ready to write his career off completely. His back was definitely against the wall and he couldn’t deliver a project anything less than great with his third major album.

Fortunately for Meek, he did just that with a project full of heavy hitters and fire verses that had us all but forgetting all the L’s he had been taking as of late. All the shenanigans aside, when it comes time to actually rap Meek has proved once again that he belongs right up there with today’s upper echelon. That boy can rap. Period.


Trailer of the Month

14 years ago a movie so bad that it was a masterpiece was released to the masses and while it’s existence may be completely lost on those outside of the know, it’s a film that’s defied all rhyme and reason and has gone on to garner quite an impressive cult following. Possibly none bigger than James Franco and Seth Rogen, and it appears that they’ve turned that passion for the cult classic into a full blown docudrama-comedy that tells the making of story of the movie. The absolute brilliance of this trailer and movie may be lost on those who haven’t seen the film, but trust us on this one, it’s brilliant. We might go so far as suggesting you check the actual movie out for yourself, if for nothing else than to be the cool kid who’s in the know. It’s 99 minutes of your life you’ll get back again, but you may just end up thanking us.


Video of the Month

July was undoubtedly the month of JAY-Z, as his latest release, 4:44, completely captivated the music world with his rare moments of intimacy and vulnerability, as well as the albums undeniable “blackness” that struck at the heart of many social topics and musings like we’ve never heard from the rap game vet. So it only made sense that he would drive that message home with one of the most provocative videos we’ve seen in a while. It’s a beautifully animated video but it’s not so subtle nod to America’s ugly past of racist cartoons and caricatures of black people has brought forth a wave of strong emotional reactions from the people who’ve watched. Love it or hate it, it forces conversation and forces you to listen to what’s actually being said. At this point, JAY-Z is a master of his craft and it’s been Jigga season all over again.


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