Volume 4: Musicians get political, albums of the month, and Dreamchasers 4

We’re back with Volume 4 of our Musicphiles podcast and we talk about the recent trend of musicians, especially rappers, getting involved politically. We also talk about the best album of the month, our thoughts on Dreamchasers 4, new releases, and what we’re listening to at the moment. Check out the full podcast above and you can see the time-stamps for the various topics below.

Editors Note: The Grey Album was a crossover tape between Jay Z and The Beatles and was put together by Danger Mouse. Viva la Hova was the tape we were refering to with Jay Z and Coldplay. It was put together by Mick Boogie & Terry Urban. They’re both fire so download them both.

Musicians getting political – 00:30

Album of the month – 06:01

Solange surprised us with how dope her album was – 12:56

Did Meek Mill do enough to appease the masses – 16:45

New releases – 25:33

Drakes ranking amongst best rappers out now 47:03


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