Episode 8: The Shit Trend of Remakes/Reboots, Miami’s Art Basel, and Kerry James Marshall

In Episode 8 of The Fearless Show we talk about this trend of remaking/rebooting beloved franchises and whether we think that’s a good or bad thing. We also discuss the Art Basel in Miami and the world of art fairs, Kerry James Marshall’s show at The Met Breuer, and upcoming films on our radar. Check out the full episode above and you can see the time-stamps for the various topics below.

Remaking/rebooting of beloved franchises, good or bad? – 00:35

BABY GROOT!!!! – 23:45

Miami’s Art Basel and the world of art fairs – 24:43

Kerry James Marshall at The Met Breuer – 34:45

Upcoming films – 39:27

The worst Star Wars film 43:08


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