Video Roundup 12/4/16

Video Roundup 12/4-12/10

Well it’s definitely been a busy, busy time for new music releases as all kinds of people have seemingly decided this month was the perfect time to drop. For music videos however, it’s been pretty dry with only a few notable ones from J. Cole, Coldplay, Ab-Soul, and a couple others. But I rounded up what I could so check them all out below along with my reactions.

J. Cole – False Prophets

It’s officially Cole Season, and mannnn, he didn’t waste any time dropping bombs on the competition. Don’t let the chill beat and vibes of the video fool you, he’s throwing some major shots spitting all facts at artists he used to look up to (Kanye?) and rapper friends (Wale?). The game’s been missing J. Cole. Welcome back.

J. Cole – Everybody Dies

Well the bombs keep coming, J. Cole hits us with a double serving and takes lyrical aim at seemingly every new rapper coming up today. Both of the videos follow his new aesthetic of being just an everyday person who raps really good. The only thing that begs to question is why these two aren’t on the final cut?? Can someone explain please.

DJ ESCO – Too Much Sauce

I was actually surprised that this didn’t have a video yet. One of my favorite club/turn-up songs of the year gets some alright visuals. Girls, dancing, money, and go karts? Life must be good.

Ab-Soul – D.R.U.G.S.

Ab-Soul has really been letting me down lately. This latest album he’s about to drop might be his last chance with me, and what I’ve been hearing from it hasn’t left me terribly confident. BUT, this is actually a good song and has me slightly more hopeful for the project as a whole. The title of the song says it all and the visuals are appropriately trippy.

Jaden Smith – Fallen

Jaden Smith aka yet another weird ass offspring of a cool ass celebrity parent. Stay away from Hollyweird people. Love him or hate him, he is fairly talented (and he didn’t ruin Karate Kid), and he puts out some pretty dope music from time to time. This song is chill af and actually sounds really good. The video however, is weird and unnecessary like most of the things he does. But he does pay homage to his real father, KiD CuDi.

Coldplay – Everglow

I feel like A Head Full of Dreams has been out for fucking ever now and they’re still releasing new videos for it. While it’s not my favorite Coldplay album by any stretch of the imagination, it still does have its bright moments. The video is just lead singer Chris Martin live playing the song, which actually makes this better and more impactful than getting the full music video treatment.

What’d you guys think about this weeks videos? Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and subscribe to stay up with all the content and get exclusives to your inbox.

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