Video Roundup 12/11/16

Video Roundup 12/11-12/17

Between all the major realeases over the past couple of weeks, there have been a handful of notable music videos to drop as well. Check out everything I’ve rounded up from Big Sean, The Game, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, and more.

Big Sean – Bounce Back

Big Sean is back and gearing up for his next major release. He’s always been hit and miss for me. I would say 70/30 in terms of dope releases and corny ones. “Bounce Back” falls into the former category and it’s a nice street single to start things off with. The video is cool as well, with some nice use of colors.

Mac Miller – My Favorite Part

The latest song off his surprisingly dope last album, to get a video treatment. The beat is some super smooth soulful shit, his voice however, is pretty ‘meh’ here. But Ariana Grande kills it. The video is pretty dope though, with some great shots, and a cool little narrative.

The Game – Baby You

Maybe my favorite song off his last album (that Dells sample is fire), gets the type of video I’d expect from Game. California, beautiful girls and gang banging; pretty much his whole MO at this point.

Chris Brown – Party

Say what you want about Chris Brown, but when it comes to entertainers he’s hands down one of the best out. I’m not sold on this song yet (I’m sure I’ll feel differently in the club), but he gets some of the best dancers out right now and they kill it. It’s always dope when he gives dancers shine.

Maggie Rogers – Dog Years

Following up her very dope debut, she returns with an equally intriguing song in “Dog Years.” She continues to combine dance music with her folk background in both visuals and sound, and it’s nothing less than unique. I’m very interested to hear what a full length would sound like from her.

Mick Jenkins – Spread Love

I know Mick Jenkins has a pretty strong core following, but I’ve never really gotten into his music, but I appreciate what he’s trying to do and the message he’s trying to spread. “Spread Love” is one of my favorite songs off his album and tour footage is always dope to see. I might have to give him a couple more spins.

Ab-Soul – RAW (backwards)

One of the best songs off Do What Thou Wilt., Soul really goes in with the bars. The video isn’t bad either, a hazy, raucous concert in a hanger. It appropriately catches the mood of the song.

Lady Gaga – Million Reasons

This was one of her few bearable songs on her last album for me, and one she seems to be pushing pretty heavily. The song and the video continue her recent trend of stripping everything back. I don’t think I’ve seen this many clear shots of her face before. It’s alright, still not for me though.

What’d you think about this weeks roundup? Which video was your favorite? Did I miss any worth mentioning? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to keep up with all our content.

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