Video Roundup 11/27/16

Video Roundup 11/27-12/3

This has been a crazy busy week for new music and new music videos. So much so that I had to leave out some videos that otherwise would make my cut. But that left me with 12 or so strong videos from the likes of The Rolling Stones, Beyoncé, Rick Ross, Ty Dolla $ign, and more. As well as an unexpected video directed by Andre 3000 himself. Check them all out below along with my reactions.

Divine Council – Decemba (Remix)

Probably one of the biggest surprise hits of the year and one of my favorite songs at the moment, “Decemba” and Divine Council came to my attention when Andre 3000 decided to come out of hiding and bless the remix. Well his involvement didn’t stop there as he’s also directing the official video, and it’s a dope, action filled video that plays into 3000’s verse (which he bodies).

Amir Obe – No Peace

I don’t know much about Amir other than there were once rumors that he was signing to Drake’s OVO label, and the connection was easy to see happening as he falls right into that lo-fi, alternative R&B sound they seem to love up there in Toronto. However, the rumors didn’t turn out to be true and he ended up signing with Def Jam and to celebrate he dropped a video to “No Peace.” It’s a simple video, with interlaces of anime clips, and random foreign languages. Very reminiscent of early Weeknd; seems to be the video norm nowadays.

Beyoncé – All Night

Still dropping standalone videos from her last album, Beyoncé hits us with another one for “All Night.” It continues the aesthetics from her short film and previous videos; muted colors and a mix of modern and old Southern New Orleans vibes. I fucks with it, and the song is one of my favorites from the album.

The Rolling Stones – Ride ‘Em On Down

From their latest surprise blues album, which they actually sound very good on, The Rolling Stones hit us with a classic Americana video. Kirsten Stewart driving through the streets in an oh so sweet old school Mustang in blue jeans with blues blaring in the background. ‘Merica am I right?

Rick Ross – Buy Back the Block

Rick Ross and Gucci go full on The Wash for Ross’ lead single for his new album on the way. Well it starts out that way at least, before going into traditional rap video territory. It’s no “B.M.F”, but it’s one of the best Ross singles I’ve heard in a while so there’s still a little hope left for a good album.

Jeezy – Going Crazy

One of my favorite songs off Trap Or Die 3 gets the tried and true rap video treatment. A whole lot of diamonds, slow mo, and girls. It could only get better without the French Montana feature, but alas one can only dream.

Somewhere Else – Move Together

I don’t know who or what Somewhere Else is. A girl, guy, or group? Who knows, but “Move Together” is a dope song. The video is highly sexual and things start to get fittingly trippy when they take some acid tabs. First time hearing or seeing anything from them(?) but I’m liking it so far.

Gucci Mane – Last Time

If trap music was considered high art, then Gucci would be fucking Mozart. The quality from song to song can vary wildly, but he puts out so much of it that the ones that stand out basically nullify all the other recycle bin material. He literally wrote the book for all this new wave of “rappers.” The video for “Last Time” actually has some dope visuals and the contrasts with the flames and the snow are nice. Anybody know who the Christoph Waltz looking dude is though?

Smoke DZA x Pete Rock – Limitless

Smoke DZA is highly underrated and Pete Rock is a legend in the game, so a joint album between the two is intriguing. “Limitless” is the first offering I’ve heard from the project and if it’s any indication of the rest of the project, then we could have a very dope album on our hands. The video is more or less typical rap video affair but it gets the job done.

Ty Dolla $ign

One of my favorite songs off his last album gets the visual treatment. Nothing groundbreaking but it’s good feeling visuals, with beautiful landscapes and beautiful women.

DJ Snake – Let Me Love You

Yup this is one of my favorite songs at the moment. I still think Bieber is a douche but musically he’s grown on me (Purpose was fire). DJ Snake has a certified hit on his hands and the visuals are pretty dope as well; Bonnie and Clyde type of love story. I don’t get the VR part but whatever.

Audio Push – Leftside

I think Audio Push have some really dope stuff that goes hard. Their debut wasn’t quite as good as I was hoping, but there were still some gems. “Leftside” isn’t the best song but it does knock. They take you through their home city of L.A. in the accompanying video.

What’d you guys think about this weeks videos? Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and subscribe to stay up with all the content and get exclusives to your inbox.

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