Preacher Season 1 Reaction

When I heard that Seth Rogen was helping develop and produce a TV series for AMC I was immediately interested, then I learned it was a comic book adaptation and I was even more interested. Now I actually never heard of Preacher before, but AMC has a strong track record when it comes to breaking series (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and more), so I had faith it would turn out great.

The basic rundown of the show is that there’s a small town preacher who comes into possession an immense power called Genesis. Genesis is the result of an unholy union between an angel and a demon and gives it’s user the power to command anybody and everybody to do as he/she commands, to a literal tee.  The first season of Preacher is about the main protagonist, Jesse Custer, coming to grips with his new found power and trying to do right by his late father, while fighting the urge to fall back into his criminal ways. On this ride he’s accompanied by a pot smoking Irish vampire (Cassidy) and crazy ex-girlfriend (Tulip), who is the very essence of his wild side; all while being chased down by angels who want to re-contain Genesis by any means necessary.

The fact that this adaptation even became a reality is a testament to AMC and the show’s incredible writing and direction.

If this sounds like nothing you’ve ever seen before that’s because it is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Preacher is probably the most non-PC and some would say out right blasphemous TV series I’ve ever seen on cable, and they toned it down from the comic book! The fact that this adaptation even became a reality is a testament to AMC and the show’s incredible writing and direction. The basic backbone of Preacher revolves around religion and it’s role in our lives, and it takes a very critical look at it. Anything and everything is fair game and they call out a lot of things involving faith, God, and our meaning of existence, without going so far as providing real answers or alternatives. The dialogue on the show is fantastic, the back and forth between the characters feels real, and the way they balance the serious themes with humor is commendable. This balance is also seen in the extreme moments of violence that are almost “Tarantiono-esque”, in that, yes what’s happening is brutal, but its over-the-topness makes it almost comical. There’s one scene in particular that involves Cassidy (the vampire), two angels, and a chainsaw, that’s brilliantly both brutal and bumbling at the same time.

Tulip in particular being a standout for me as the slightly unhinged, gun toting, ex-girlfriend who can handle her own against anyone.

The showrunners completely knocked the casting for Preacher out of the park. Each and every casting felt like they were meant to play those roles. Dominic Cooper as Jessie Custer pulls off that perfect bad boy trying to go straight role. Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy and Ruth Negga as Tulip command the screen each and every time they’re on it and play off Cooper perfectly. Tulip in particular being a standout for me as the slightly unhinged, gun toting ex-girlfriend who can handle her own against anyone (at one point she makes a makeshift rocket launcher and shoots down a helicopter). The biggest name casting is Jackie Earle Haley as the town’s most rich and powerful person. He’s his usual fantastic creepy self and plays a great foil to Jesse.

Season 1 of Preacher was an extremely strong start for the series and ends in a very shocking manner that has me excited to see what’s to come next. AMC has another winner on it’s hands.

I believe the cowboy (can’t remember if they said his name) they kept showing throughout the season, is some sort of angel of death because even the angels were afraid of him.

I think it’s safe to say that Jesse is the most powerful entity in the universe thanks to Genesis as he can make angels and even God himself do as he commands.

I really want to know who’s chasing after Tulip as they only had that one early appearance and I’m sure we’ll see more of those vampire hunters too. I also want to learn more about how and why his father was killed in the first place.

Favorite Scenes: When Cassidy killed all those vampire hunters on the plane and jumped out with only an umbrella and freshly poured bottle of blood. When Tulip fought off those guys in the car (biting one of their ears off) and then shot down a helicopter with a homemade rocket launcher. When you saw the full power Jesse had by telling that guy to pour his heart out to his mom, then watching him literally tear his heart out and try to give it to her. That whole interaction with “God” at the end in the church.

Have you seen Season 1 of Preacher? What did you think about it? Did it do a good job of adapting the comic series? What’d you think about that ending? Let us know in the comments below and leave a rating for Season 1.

Preacher Season 1
Preacher Season 1 Reaction
Season 1 was a very strong introduction to the unique characters and wild world that make up Preacher. The strong balance between its humor, violence, and serious religious themes make this another must watch AMC series. Sensitive, religious, P.C. types need not apply though.
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